Hitler was NOT a Rothschild or a Zionist Agent

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Unless you want to believe the conjecture and second-guessing of Jim Condit Jr., along with the endless stream of post-war jewish fables. William Finck in a discussion with Jim Condit concerning his "Hitler was a Rothschild Agent" theory.


See also The Lies of Otto Strasser and Douglas Reed, Part 1


Condit is a waste

From an email received on Fri, 29 Jul 2011 19:23:21

Today he promoted Sharron Angle who's a warmongering supporter of Zion's lobbies wars in iraq and Afghanistan and claimed she'd had been cheated out of office in Nevada by votefraud.

The guy believes the Pope should rule every country in the world under God's ideal. And that Hitler stood in the way.

- K.H.

From Jay originally titled "Strasser-Reed"

I cannot add but only comment that the current post exposing Strasser-Reed controversy of lies committed by the neo-Trotskyite thugs of pulp and compare their propaganda with the ideology promoted by Albert Pike , the Illuminist, it is clear that as does aalso the modern JEW so did they in perpetuating their lies and cover-ups to further their evil machinations by scapegoating Hitler.
They must fool the gullible to make their way easier now but alas they will all meet their ends very soon as Christ the Righteous casts them into the lake of fire.
Godspeed . Thank you for the eye opening information .