Nazi Shrunken Heads Expose

Nazi Shrunken Heads
(Note: indicates that there should be a separate "Nazi Shrunken Heads" video, however their link is broken and if it existed, I cannot locate it.)

Nazi Shrunken Heads

The video maker advocates kindness and good vibes toward all Jewish people. And the video maker does not have the intention of reviving Hitler or Nazism. Hitler was a militarist and this video is anti-militarist. Having said that, the maker of this video also believes that the holocaust is a giant myth. A myth that reverberates today into the promotion of war. This video is about how the media and politicians manipulate the gullible American public for pro-war purposes.

This video has considerable overlap with new video "Buchenwald: A Dumb Dumb Portrayal of Evil" which among other things describes Eisenhower's role in the holocaust hoax. The 11 topics below also have overlap with the new Buchenwald video. Suggestion: After watching Nazi Shrunken Heads, then watch "Buchenwald" and afterward, go over the topics below.

This is "version 2" of Nazi Shrunken Heads. Originally released in April 2007, it was re-worked and re-released in August 2008.

Part 1 - Nuremberg

Part 2 - Congressman Tom Lantos

Part 3 - Senator Chris Dodd


Part 4 - Group Evolutionary Strategy

Part 5 - Idi Amin


Note: does not agree with the conclusions of all of these videos concerning the jews, especially in Part 4, but includes them all anyway, since it is only fair to present all of them together. It is our opinion that the jews as a people and a religion are just as evil as the early Christian writers esteemed them to be, reflected in the words of our Master, Yahshua (Jesus) Christ. However it may be noted that not all jews are genetic jews. Yet the jewish mindset is just as evil as is the jewish race. This is not "anti-semitic", it is "anti-antiChrist"! [WRF]

Nazi Shrunken Heads Part 1 - Nuremberg

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Nazi Shrunken Heads Part 2 - Congressman Tom Lantos

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Nazi Shrunken Heads Part 3 - Senator Chris Dodd

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MR. DODD: May it please the Tribunal, at the close of yesterday's session we were discussing and had just completed reading the excerpts from the interrogation of 6 October 1945, wherein the Defendant Alfred Rosenberg was questioned.

There have already been introduced Documents 017-PS and 019-PS and I have read excerpts from them. The Tribunal will recall that they are letters written by the Defendant Sauckel to the Defendant Rosenberg requesting the assistance of the Defendant Rosenberg in the recruitment of additional foreign laborers. I refer to them in passing, by way of recapitulation, with respect to the Defendant Sauckel's participation in this slave-labor program and also the assistance of the Defendant Rosenberg. Also the Defendant Sauckel received help from the Defendant Seyss-Inquart who was the Reich Commissioner for the occupied Netherlands.

I refer again to the transcript of the interrogation under oath of the Defendant Sauckel, which was read from yesterday; and I now refer to another part of it. The transcript of this interrogation will be found in the rear of the document book. It is the very last document and I wish to quote particularly from it. It is the first question:

"Q: For a moment, I want to turn our attention to Holland.

It is my understanding that the quotas for the workers from Holland were agreed upon, and then the numbers given to the Reich Commissioner Seyss-Inquart to fulfill, is that correct?

"A: Yes, that is correct,

"Q: After the quota was given to Seyss-Inquart, it was his mission to fulfill it with the aid of your representatives; was it not?

"A: Yes. This was the only possible thing for me to do and the same applied to other countries."

And the Defendant Hans Frank, who was the Governor General of the Government General of Poland, also participated in the filling of Defendant Sauckel's quota requirements.


13 Dec. 45

I refer again to the interrogation of the Defendant Sauckel and to Page 1 of the excerpts from the transcript of this interrogation as it appears in the document book:

"Q: Was the same procedure substantially followed of allocating quotas in the Government General of Poland?

Nazi Shrunken Heads Part 4 - Group Evolutionary Strategy

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Nazi Shrunken Heads Part 5 - Idi Amin

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