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Wales and the Spanish Civil War

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This movie is basically propaganda lamenting the lost cause of those Welshmen who had gone to Spain to join the communist side of the war. It is most revealing in that it shows just how ignorant these Welshmen were - and are - to the true power lying behind world communism: the same satanic jews who are behind world capitalism! Fleeing from the grip of one devil and into the arms of another, persuaded by the jewish-capitalist and jewish-communist propaganda alike, those men and nations (later both the US and Great Britain) who joined the cause of communism against the fascists destroyed Christian Civilizations only hope of freeing itself from the grips of the jew.

The Internationale - sung by Barbara Scott

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Chris Matthews Cites One of His Heros - Saul Alinsky


The so-called liberal media is truly a Marxist media - wolves pretending to be sheep indeed!