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American Relocation of Japanese circa 1943

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When it says what you want to hear...

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In the first video below, we see Ronald Reagan denying a charge of 6 million people being placed in concentration camps. This video clip, rather comcise, has been circulating as evidence related to Reagan's position on the events (or better, non-events) of World War Two. We jumped on it before having taken the time to check it out, and primarily because it says just what we like to hear. However in reality, Reagan's disclaimer has nothing to do with Germany and the jews!

Rather, we have learned that Reagan's remarks for part of a program which he did, along with Bobby Kennedy, that was a panel discussion of the political situation in South Vietnam in 1967! And this is fully evident in the second video below, which is currently on Youtube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HMzTcvXk1j4

This was brought to our attention by our friends at the National Socialist American Labor Party