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Dr. Joseph Goebbels, The Year 2000 - December 1st, 2012

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The translation of Das Jahr 2000 used in this presentation of Dr. Goebbels' article is found at the German Propaganda Archive at Calvin.edu: http://www.calvin.edu/academic/cas/gpa/goeb49.htm

Adolf Hitler, 123 Years - April 21st, 2012

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Adolf Hitler's 123rd Birthday Party with Carolyn Yeager, Severus, and Sword Brethren.

William Finck's opening notes:

Adolf Hitler was not a Christian Identist. Like most Nationalists do even today, he also took it for granted that the Old Testament was a jewish book, and often pointed out those qualities in it which seemed to be jewish. Yet Hitler was a Christian, and Hitler understood that Christ was an Aryan if for no other reason than the fact that His very nature was so contrary to the nature of the jews, and so much like the nature of the Aryan. Hitler was not, however, a Judeo-Christian, and while he expressed the importance of the major sects of Christianity in providing a moral foundation for the people of the nation, he really had no care for the clerics, and often pointed out their faults. The major fault Hitler had with the clerics was their missionary work to non-Aryans, as they let Aryans slip into immorality. Hitler certainly understood and insisted that in order to have a healthy folk, it must be a moral folk. Like Hitler, Christian Identists also reject the professional clerics and their missionary activities to alien tribes.

Hitler stood against Globalism. He saw Globalism as a vehicle of both jewish Capitalism and jewish Marxism, and understood correctly that all of these were different arms of the same beast. He understood that the Jew, an international creature, sought to subvert every nation, and was effective at that subversion through the command which he had of international finance. He also understood that the Jew is the destroyer of the integrity of all creation, and especially of our race.

Dr. Joseph Goebbels, Those Damned Nazis - December 8th, 2012


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The paper presented here is found at the German Propaganda Archive at Calvin.edu: Those Damned Nazis

Geopolitics: Hitler's Active Defense of Germany

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Sword Brethren and the Kaiser discuss the various steps which Adolf Hitler had to take in order to effectively defend Germany from those who would destroy it.

German Soldiers in the Soviet Union - Letters from the East, with Sword Brethren - May 26th, 2012


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The booklet presented in this program is found at the German Propaganda Archive at Calvin University.

Germany, World War Two, and the Demise of White Christian Culture


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October 29th, 2011: William Finck talks with Rodney Martin of World View Foundations in a general discussion of several topics concerning Germany, World War Two, and the resulting demise of White Christian culture as a result of the war. Carolyn Yeager (http://carolynyeager.net) joined the program for a similar conversation in the second hour.

Hitler was NOT a Rothschild or a Zionist Agent

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Unless you want to believe the conjecture and second-guessing of Jim Condit Jr., along with the endless stream of post-war jewish fables. William Finck in a discussion with Jim Condit concerning his "Hitler was a Rothschild Agent" theory.


See also The Lies of Otto Strasser and Douglas Reed, Part 1

Musings on Marxism

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This was an informal discussion between Sword Brethren and William Finck which was never published here until today. It was a fill-in when Sword Brethren's scheduled afternoon program was postponed that week. In it we discussed Marxism, and Sword Brethren began to propose what had become our later series on Russia No. 1 and Bolshevism in the October Revolution. This was November 15th, 2009, only a short couple of hours before we had presented F.K. Wiebe, Germany and the Jewish Problem Part Three   

The Bavarian Soviet Republic, Hitler, Strasser and Douglas Reed

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Two Papers by Joseph Goebbels with comments and discussion


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William Finck presents and comments on two of the works of Joseph Goebbels: The Racial Question and World Propaganda (1933) and The Creators of the World’s Misfortunes (1945). Later Matthew Ott and Carolyn Yeager help discuss the need for our cause today to produce better propaganda of our own, and to be more proactive in its dissemination.




William Finck in a conversation with Carolyn Yeager

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September 17th, 2011

Carolyn Yeager is a World War Two and Holocaust (What Holocaust?) Historical Revisionist who has written extensively on topics such as the real Auschwitz, Operation Valkyrie (the plot against Hitler by German officers), and the fraud Eli Wiesel. See her websites at carolynyeager.net and eliewieseltattoo.com

William Finck on Spingola Speaks

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August 17th, 2011

William Finck had an appearance on Spingola Speaks with Deanne Spingola on Wednesday, August 17th at 12PM Central time (1 PM Eastern time) on the Republic Broadcasting Network.

A talk about Hitler, Christianity, and Jews.

If I could have had two minutes more on this program, I would have read the last paragraph of Adolf Hitler's speech, given at the Platterhoff on July 4th, 1944, and included here below, because it also represents my own semtiments exactly! - WRF

Adolf Hitler - last paragraph of his speech at the Platterhof July 4, 1944:
"Perhaps I am not what they call a sanctimonious hypocrite or pious. I am not that. But deep in my heart, I am a religious man; that is, I believe that the man who, in accordance with the natural laws created by God, bravely fights and never capitulates in this world-that this man will not be abandoned by the Lawgiver. Instead, he will in the end receive the blessings of Providence."

William Finck on Truth Militia Radio with John Friend - December 3rd, 2012

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Click here for the Truth Militia Radio program page.

Click here for John Friend's blog.

From the host's program announcement:

On this edition of Truth Militia Radio with John Friend, we’ll be joined by William Finck of Christogenea.org and The Mein Kampf Project.  William and I will be discussing the origins of the criminal network known today as international Jewry, Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf, WWII and related matters.  We'll focus primarily on Chapter XI of Mein Kampf, Nation and Race, and also discuss ethnic nationalism versus civic nationalism, fascism, National Socialism, communism, and international capitalism.