Resources: Russia No. 1 PDFs and images

Russia No. 1 is a collection of British diplomatic and military reports detailing eyewitness accounts of the horrors of the Bolshevik (so-called) Revolution and the crimes of the Jews who were its chief leaders, participants, and perpetrators, and their destruction of Christian Russia.This report had a very narrow distribution and is therefore quite rare. The Jews and the western media which they control misrepresented the nature of the Bolshevik Revolution from the very beginning, and to this day they suppress accounts and records of its horrors. For that same reason they have always sought to suppress this report. Please download both PDFs and help to preserve and share these records!


This PDF file is a 70-Megabyte download containing a facsimile image of the original
Russia No. 1 report.


This PDF file represents a page-by-page reproduction of the original text of the Russia No. 1 report, although with updated sans serif fonts. This reproduction endeavors to mimic the original typesetting, flaws and all. The original may be inspected by downloading the facsimile PDF file above.

Here Clifton Emahiser has created a condensed two-column version of the text to the Russia No. 1 report, in a format that will print on half the pages. This version is easier to read, better to print, and also corrects some of the typographical errors found in the original.

The text posted on the pages of this website shall endeavor to correct some of the typographical errors found in the original printing, where possible, and is therefore considered to be a work-in-progress.