Miscellaneous National Socialist Videos

Introducing Mein Kampf - from a documentary

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This proves without doubt that Mein Kampf was circulated in the Reich as an offering of the expression of the philosophies of Adolf Hitler to the German people after his rise to power. Hitler was indeed a Christian, and never recanted. All of those who read the garbage spewed out by the jewish press today and believe that Hitler was anything but a Christian are simply deceived idiots!

Hitler Arrives in Smolensk, 1943

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Der Deutsche Reichstag Zu Nuernberg

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The German Reichstag To Nuremberg

1937 - Kavalleristen-tag in Duesseldorf


1937 - Cavalry Day in Duesseldorf

1933 - Bild bericht Der NSDAP Schutzhaft lager Rossplatz kaserne In Halle


1933 - Picture report The NSDAP Schutzhaft camp Rossplatz barracks In Halle