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(Catholic Bishop) Richard Williamson on the Holocaust


It is quite refreshing to see a Catholic cleric tell the truth about something !

On January 16th, 2013, Richard Williamson was convicted of "incitement" and fined approximately £1500 for "denying the holocaust" during this 2008 television interview.

The Jews boast of this injustice - read about it here at the

1932 - Adolf Hitler - WahlkampfredeIn Eberswalde


Hitler speaks, July 27, 1932.

1932 - Adolf Hitler Speaks

AdolfHitler-Speech1932_512kb.mp4 — Downloaded 1786 times

Hitler speaks, 1932.

1932 - Hitler Jugen in den Bergen

1932-HitlerjugendInDenBergen_512kb.mp4 — Downloaded 1720 times

1932 - Zinsknechtschaft - Ein TonfilmIm Auftrage Der NSDAP


NSDAP lecture by Otto Ewald.

1933 - Adolf Hitler - Rede An Die SA Und SS - maennerIm Berliner Sportpalast


Hitler speaks, April 8, 1933.

1933 - Der Deutsche Reichstag Zu Nuernberg


“A short film about the 1933 Nazi Party Congress by the Kinagfa newsreel co. (Not to be confused with the official Nazi filmdockumente directed by Leni Reifenstal)."

Miscellaneous National Socialist and Military parades.

See also more on Reifenstahl in the MK Image Gallery, at Olympia, and at images in the Misc. Hitler and National Socialist leaders gallery.

1933 - Der Fuehrer Spricht Im Berliner Sportpalast


Hitler Speaks, February 10, 1933.

1933 - Deulig - Tonwoche Nr. 057


"Deulig-Tonwoche" is a newsreel from Germany which has been produced from 1932 to 1939. Political, military, cultural and sporting events from Germany and foreign countries are shown.” There are about 9 different newsreels with different dates, having this same general subject matter. This one, only, copied.

National Socialists and Military on Parade, January 2, 1933. Hitler appearance, near the end.

1933 - Die Nuernberger Reichsparteitage Der NSDAP


"Reich Party Day"; various NSDAP Parades, 1927, 1929, 1933.