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(Catholic Bishop) Richard Williamson on the Holocaust


It is quite refreshing to see a Catholic cleric tell the truth about something !

On January 16th, 2013, Richard Williamson was convicted of "incitement" and fined approximately £1500 for "denying the holocaust" during this 2008 television interview.

The Jews boast of this injustice - read about it here at the

1933 - Adolf Hitler Regier ungser klaerung Am 17 Mai im Deutschen Reichstag


1933 - Adolf Hitler Government statement On 17 May in the German Reichstag

1933 - Bild bericht Der NSDAP Schutzhaft lager Rossplatz kaserne In Halle


1933 - Picture report The NSDAP Schutzhaft camp Rossplatz barracks In Halle

1937 - Kavalleristen-tag in Duesseldorf


1937 - Cavalry Day in Duesseldorf

1939 - Hitler and Friends

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1939 NS Germany in Color

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1941 - Die Front schau Nr. 2 Lehrfilm Russischer Stellungsbau


1941 - The Front Looks No. 2 Educational Film Russian Positioning

A Historical Adolf Hitler Speech - With Subtitles


Adolf Hitler - The Jews or Us

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In the video above, Adolf Hitler reveals that it was the internationalist jew lobbying to plunge Europe into all-out war - as they also did in 1914. He then calls on Jehovah (Yahweh), the God of the Bible, to destroy the wicked jew. Such indeed is the promise of Christianity! Learn the truth about Christianity at

Adolf Hitler – speech in the Löwenbräukeller ( more Churchill)


Adolf Hitler – speech in the Löwenbräukeller

Munich, November 8, 1940

Party Comrades!

We now celebrate once more the 9th of November, and as back then a rally unites us on the eve of this day. For us the year 1923 was a high-point in the struggle for power in Germany. This struggle, and hence the significance of the day which we are celebrating, can be comprehended only by those who reflect on the age in which we found ourselves then and who, above all, bring back before their eyes the historic events leading up to this gigantic struggle.

As a former soldier of the World War and present Supreme Commander of the German Wehrmacht, I can say: they [the Allies] would never have carried the victory over Germany back then, had not their allies broken us internally! Four years they labored. It was even necessary to summon an American sorcerer-priest (Zauberpriester) who found the formula which made it possible for the German Volk to fall for the word of honor of a foreign president.

I took the same stand in our struggle abroad. Any such new intrigue, any new attempt to mobilize states against us through treaties and agreements, only led to my accelerating armament. I was firmly determined to risk it all. Without interruption the struggle went on with the objective of eliminating the Versailles Treaty. For, my Party Comrades, this I had to do if I were not to be a liar. After all, what did we fight for? When we made our first appearances in the years 1920–21 and 1922, our program was the elimination of Versailles. I could not all of a sudden say: forget about it.