This edition of Mein Kampf is from a PDF file of James Murphy's translation which I found on the internet. We have posted all the pages as we converted it to MS-Word, and have done my best to verify them and to rectify any inaccuracies. If any problems are noticed which we may have missed, please refer them to us for inspection and correction by notifying info@christogenea.org. (I have replaced the original PDF itself with a better one that I located since putting this site up.)

The Introduction and Index pages are actually scanned in from my own hardcover copy of Murphy's Mein Kampf. I took the single liberty of adding the image on Page 8 - which I unfortunately cannot credit because I know not from where I downloaded it.

All of the pagination for the text is faithful to the original. However where a chapter ends on a particular page and a new chapter begins, that page is split into parts A and B. This is so that I could be faithful to both chapter and page divisions. Also, some of the footnotes which were split off to the bottom of the subsequent page in the original are left intact here, completed on the page upon which they begin.

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