Bolshevism in Theory and Practice






"Lenin, the founder of the Bolshevic Revolution, stated frankly that falsehoods are not only justified but have proved to be the most effective tools in the Bolshevic struggle."

Joseph Goebbels, Nürnberg, September I936


[This document is provided to courtesy of Mr. Jerel Mosley]

My Führer! Your Excellencies! My Honourable Guests Fellow Members of the National Socialist Party!

The fact that the phenomenon of Bolshevism as represented by the theory of Marx and put into practice by the Russian Soviet State is still engaging the attention of political circles in Western Europe, as a theoretical phenomenon and a political reality which civilized people ought to take into account intellectually as well as politically, shows that there is a fatal lack of insight into the nature and essential structure of international Bolshevism. What is called Bol­shevism has nothing whatsoever to do with what we under­ stand by "ideas" and an "outlook on life" (Weltanschauung) in general. It is nothing but a pathological and criminal kind of madness, devised by Jews, as can well be proved, and led by Jews who aim at destroying the civilized nations of Europe and at founding a Jewish-international world regime that would subject all nations to their power.

Bolshevism could have had its origin only in the Jewish brain and the sterile asphalt of the metropolis alone made it possible for this thing to grow and spread. It could only be accepted by a species of mankind that had been morally and economically shattered by the war and the economic crisis


which followed. On such people it was let loose and was acceptable to them because its criminal and crazy doctrine appealed to them.

Though superfluous, it may here once again be emphasized that we National Socialists, in fighting this world peril as mercilessly as we did from the very first hour of our political activity up to the present have not defended anti-socialist or even pro-capitalist interests. Our struggle against Bolshevism is no fight against but in favour of Socialism. Our attitude grew out of a deep conviction that a true and genuine Socialism can only be realised if its lowest and most ill-born offspring, Jewish Bolshevism, would have been done away with. The fight against Bolshevism can only be carried through to a successful issue by a people that has found a new structure for its folk-life which is adequate to the dy­namic values and standards of the Twentieth Century: a socialist structure in a national form.

The bourgeois middle-classes of all nations have proved to be impotent in. dealing with Bolshevism and are unfitted for the fight against it. They have not yet even gained a clear insight into the principles which inspire and direct Bolshevism. They lack the spiritual quality, the principled conscience, political faith and moral strength of character that alone could enable them to face it. But not only do they lack the necessary insight - they even attempt to compromise with Bolshevism whenever an opportunity arises, so as to "prevent an even greater evil". But every pact which the bourgeois world contracts with radical Bolshevism will finally lead to a victory of Bolshevism over the bourgeois world because of the natural law according to which the stronger will always prevail over the weaker.

Bolshevism has at least one very definite advantage over all other groups that hold political power - excepting


those who face it with absolute and downright oppo­sition. It mobilises recklessly the lower grades of mankind which exist among the dregs of every nation and are opposed to the State and the ideas which sustain it. It is the organi­sation of the lowest instincts of a people aiming at the destruction of all productive and valuable elements in a race. It usually seizes upon a group that holds political power which is based upon a brutish minority and which is deter­ mined to reach its final political aim with unscrupulous and criminal tactics.

But the Bolshevic readiness for tactical compromises must not be taken as a willingness to compromise as far as their principles are concerned. At bottom, Bolshevism knows no compromise. If it makes a compromise, that is only done for one reason, i.e. to use it as a means to seize unlimited power. It does not hesitate to cut the throats of those who have helped it to gain power after they have gained it. Not a very alluring prospect for those bourgeois politicians of some of the West-European states who still believe that the sting may betaken from Bolshevism by the tamer Front Populaire.

Bolshevism is the dictatorship of the inferior. It seizes power by means of falsehoods, it maintains power by means of force. To be able to combat it, one must know it thoroughly and one must have penetrated into its deepest secrets. The more worthy forces of a nation have to be mobilized to ex­ terminate it, since it is the organisation of everything that may be called the anti-racial forces of the people.

There is one sphere in particular wherein Bolshevism has shown its mastery, i. e. that of negative propaganda. It gains a foothold among the nations by means of lies and hypocrisy. It aims at presenting a garbled picture of the nature and inner form of this political madness. Lenin, the Father of the Bolshevist Revolution, stated frankly. that falsehoods are


not only justified but have proved to be the most effective tools in Bolshevist struggle. Schopenhauer has said that the Jews are masters of lies and, therefore. it is no surprising fact that Bolshevism and Jewry here meet in close kinship. Jewish Bolshevism is a past-master in the mani­pulation of lies. Decent and truthful people are so stunned by this method that they are incapable of offering inner resistance. That is just what the Jewish Bolshevists have been aiming at. They speculate on the incapacity of the average truthful person to imagine that' it is even possible to lie with such bold and brazen-faced nonchalance as they lie.

It is possible to lie like that. Bolshevism has shown it to be possible and it has been successful in surprising and winning over many unsuspicious people.

In accordance with the very nature of Bolshevism, its propaganda is international and aggressive. It aims at the radicalisation of all the nations of the world to bring about anarchy and Bolshevism. It has got tremendous supplies of funds at its disposal which are unlimited because the Bolshevic dictators unscrupulously starve the entire Russian people in order to spend the money for this purpose. This kind of propaganda is particularly insidious for outside countries because it is supported by the Communist parties of those countries, i.e. by the respective foreign sections of the Comintern. The communist parties outside of Russia are nothing but foreign legions of the Comintern. With their support, Bolshevism organises and lays out ingenious plans of international sedition which are very difficult to attack because they have their roots in the political and national life of the respective nations. It must be estimated as the most threatening peril to a state to allow the existence of a domestic party which takes its orders from the authorities of a foreign country. Experience shows that countries where


a strong Communist party exists are more or less subject to the dictates of Stalin with regard to their Home- Social­ Economic- Military- and Foreign Policy. When concluding a treaty, one of the Western European Great Powers had, for example, to make the request first that the Communist party that exists on its own soil should be ordered from Moscow to stop undermining the army and vetoing the credits for military purposes.

The Communist sections in the various countries are ordered to prepare and to carry through the Bolshevist revolution. They are supplied with abundant funds, unequaled anywhere else, to carry on this ingenious propaganda for which Moscow has laid out the model. This propaganda has only one object and purpose. It aims at deceiving the other nations as to the true nature of Bolshevism and either to prevent the leaking out of facts from Soviet Russia or to falsify them, so that they lose their value as reliable news. The reason for such a policy is that the Soviet Union cannot allow the truth about its domestic' conditions to be known, particularly not in Western Europe, with its more civilized and intelligent citizens. The poison of the Bolshevist theory may be alluring and enticing, but Bolshevism in practice is terrible and horror­ 'striking. Its way is marked by mountains of skeletons. An ocean of blood and tears floods that unhappy tract. Human life has lost all value. Terrorism, murder, bestiality - these are the traits that characterize every Bolshevist revolution, whether it be successful, as in Russia, or fail and be suppressed, as ill Hungary, Bavaria, the Ruhr district and Berlin, or still fighting for power as is the case in Spain today.

When Bolshevism has gained control it stops worrying about contradictions between theory and practice: carbines and machine guns then hold the field. But anywhere else, outside of its home territory, it uses its ingeniously devised propaganda


machinery to deceive the world as to its own true nature. Bourgeois people in Europe have not the slightest knowledge of how these facts are proceding. They try to avaid [sic - WRF] a decision by mouthing the same phrase over and over again, namely, that nobody is allowed to interfere in the domestic affairs of a foreign country. But what is a reality now in Russia, what is fought for and against in Spain and what is fatally preparing its way in other European States - that is a matter of concern for the whole world. It is no longer a problem that can be dealt with by those who theorise about the various outlooks on life (Weltanschauungstheoretiker), it is rather a matter of grave concern for statesmen all over the world. They will have to tackle this problem unless they wish to become responsible for the future development which - because of their negligence - will push Europe into the most severe crisis and eventually into ruin, The problem of Bolshevism as it faces Europe today is a question of to be or not to be. Here and now the souls of men are ranged on the one side or the other. A definite side will have to be taken either against or in favour 'of Bolshevism and all consequences resulting therefrom will have to be accepted.

Another problem must be settled. The problem of the role which Jewry plays in relation to Bolshevism. Only in Germany can it be openly discussed, since it would be dangerous in any other country - as was also the case in Germany not so many years ago - even to mention the Jewry by name. There can be 110 doubt that Jews are the founders of Bolshevism and that it is they who represent it. The old leading class in Russia has been so completely eliminated that no other leader­ ship group was left but the Jews. Every conflict within Bolshevism is therefore more or less a family conflict among Jews. The recent executions in Moscow, i.e. the shooting of Jews by Jews, can only he understood on motives of thirst for power and determination to destroy all opponents. The belief that Jews


are always at perfect harmony with one another is a widespread error. They live in unity only when they form a minority that is kept in control and menaced by a large national major. ity. In present-day Russia this is not the case any more. If Jews have attained power - as they exclusively have done in Russia - the old Jewish rivalries begin again, which had been kept in abeyance by the danger threatening their race.

The idea underlying Bolshevism, i.e. the idea of unscrupulous disintegration and destruction of decency and culture for the diabolic purpose of destroying the nations could have been born only in the Jewish brain, just as Bolshevic practice, with all its horrifying cruelty, is only possible when manipulated by the Jews. In accordance with their nature these Jews do not show their faces in the open. They work underground and, in Western Europe they try to deny that they have anything to do with Bolshevism. That is the way they have always behaved and will behave in the future.

But we have found them out and, what is more, we are the only people in the world who have the courage to call the attention of mankind to these capital criminals. We are not afraid of any consequences and call them by their right name. There was a time in Germany when anyone who called a Jew a Jew was sent to prison. But in spite of that we dared to do it. Even today the world very often objects, with noble restraint or even with well-staged moral disapproval, when Jews are called Jews or Bolshevists are called capital criminals. But we are convinced that we shall eventually succeed in opening the eyes of the world so as to make them see the true face of Jewry and Bolshevism just as well as we succeeded in convincing Germany of the perilous parasitic character of that race. In the meantime we shall not tire of pointing to this fatal danger and appealing to the attention of all the people who are undergoing terrible .crises and upheavals, proclaiming: "The Jews are to blame! The Jews are to blame!"


This charge will be like a lash in the faces of the Jews, distor­ted as they are by hate. It won't help them either if they try to adopt the camouflage of democratic forms. That method is just a bit too ingenous [sic - WRF] to impress intelligent people. It is only a ruse to catch the intellectual philistines .. They welcome this slogan because it enables them to fight shy of a decision. This so-called Bolshevist Democracy. which some French and English papers have suggestet [sic - WRF] as the prototype and counter­ part of the so-called National Socialist Dictatorship, is engulfed in terror, blood and murder. Every few years the Bolshevist despots proclaim this moth - eaten slogan whenever they feel the necessity of recommending themselves to Europe after a period of brutal terrorism. Then suddenly canards are let loose by the Communist propaganda bureaus, empty promises that a new constitution will be introduced, that the universal ballot etc. will be granted to Russia. But all these promises are falsehoods, speculating upon the short memories and proverbial mental inertness of narrow-minded philistines. In reality Bolshevism is the crassest rule of blood and terror that the world has ever experienced. The Jews have planned it in order to make it impossible for power to be taken out of their hands, and it is Jews who are exercising it. We National Socialists, to justify and consolidate our national power honourably, have appealed to the country again and again, almost year after year, through general elections in which the laws of the secret ballot are observed. Bolshevism talks of People. and the Country of Workers and Peasants; but on its face is imprinted the word Force.

Each person forms for himself a certain idea of Bolshevism. For the most part this idea is the product of his own brain. Then propaganda comes to his aid. Its means of working forms a picture of Bolshevism according to the mentality of a person or a group of persons or of a nation. It is all artificially managed. There is no real basis of truth in it. It may easily


happen that representatives of a great country become enthusiastic about a new subway in Moscow, which would attract no attention whatsoever in another large city. When the Bolshe­vics welcome the stranger with the strains of his own national anthem these strangers, without any rational reason what­soever, discard their former ideas about Bolshevism and make friends with it. The Red Jews in Moscow know how to handle their dupes. It is permissible to imagine how they mock and ridicule the attitude of the bourgeois world that is thus created.

Therefore they are very furious with us because we have recognised them and are bent on shattering to its very foundations the picture of Bolshevism that is widely prevalent in Europe. Their hate against us is illimitable. It is one of the best and most honourable tributes to the character of our political struggle. We tear the mask from their faces and show them to the world in their true appearance.

It has already been stated that the concept which various people and nations form of Bolshevism is a special outcome of Bolshevic propaganda. A great part of the art of deception consists, for instance, in making people believe that the Moscow Government has nothing at all to do with the Comintern. That is about the most barefaced and brazen swindle that can be imagined; because there is only a division of administration between the Soviet Government and the Comintern. But to think that one is independent of the other would be like believing that the National Socialist Movement has nothing to do with the National Socialist Government.

Bolshevistic propaganda operates on a broad scale. Its purpose is to bring the world to destruction. In foreign countries it is mistakenly interpreted. These naive people who accept it are generally the most naive of the naive. But they exist and they have a certain effect of their own.

Bolshevism in practice is something different. There it is; and you cannot deny what it does. In blood it has traced


its fearful march. Its intention is to bring the whole world into its chaotic mess. It signifies the great attempt of Judaism to bring the nations under their own power. Therefore the fight against this danger is, in the truest sense of the word, a world fight. It was begun in Germany and has been fought out on German soil. Adolf Hitler is the historic leader in this campaign. We are all his representatives and therewith we are the apostles of a great historical mission. There can never be a compromise between the two extremes. Bolshevism must be exterminated if Europe is to regain its normal state of health.

But the Jews know exactly what is about to happen. In one of their last efforts they have striven to mobilize all the forces of the world against Germany. They want to strengthen their power by a feverish rush of armament. In National Socialist Germany they see a constant danger to their own existence. In Russia Judaism has established a home for itself which they never thougt [sic - WRF] would be endangered. Up to ninety-eight percent, it represents the new bourgeois class among the Soviets - knaves, fatlings, dissemblers, intriguers and plotters, back-slappers and frivolous people. These Jews who have now attained high positions are able to exercise their petty swindles, over a large-scale area, on 160 million people. They are ruthless tyrants, absolutely without prin­ciple. They inflict themselves on the people like a universal scourge, the purpose of which is to spread catastrophe.

I have already laid stress on the fact that Bolshevist propaganda is sufficiently astute to adjust its teaching to its hearers. It can be radical or moderate to suit the occasion. When the terrorist, Dimitroff, speaks before the Comintern the attitude is different from that which Litwinoff adopts before the League of Nations. The Bolshevist propaganda may be religious or anti-religious to suit the circumstances. It is utterly without conscience and all means are justified


by the ends they serve. All over the world this propaganda has at its disposal a complex machinery which is made up of the Communist sections in the various countries. It only needs to press a button in order to put this machinery into operation. In every country it operates either secretly or in the open. Woe to the nation that allows it to function. One day that nation will be undermined by this seditious activity and will be disrupted, merely because this phenomenon has not been seriously taken into account.

We National Socialists are in the happy position that we have no need to mince our words when we speak of Bol­shevism. We do not speak the language of the secret cabinets We speak the language of the people and, therefore, hope that the people of outside nations will understand us. We are lucky enough to be able to call things by their names; and we feel bound to do so. For the world must have its eyes opened. We cannot and we must not be silent in face of the danger that menaces Europe. It is incumbent on the nations and their Governments to make their own decisions; but it is the right and the duty of every individual, whom nature has endowed with the gift of insight and the power of self­ expression, to proclaim his opinions and convictions, to point the finger to forthcoming catastrophes and to voice the needs of the time. To dally with Bolshevism spells ultimate ruin.

Therefore we take the opportunity of this Party Congress to ring the alarm against this world danger. I have taken this opportunity of pointing out what Bolshevism is in actual practice, to unmask its teaching and therewith we are helping towards the understanding of the history of our own times, which has to be learned and must not be forgotten.

And now we come to the point.

The West-European worker is apt to consider the Soviet Union as a proletarian State, i.e. as his State. He thinks that in Russia the working class succeded [sic - WRF] in eliminating the


capitalistic exploiters and in establishing the dictatorship of the proletariat, where the free workers are now building up a State of their own, the "Fatherland of the Working People".

But Jews, like David Ricardo or Marx-Mardochay, have been the originators of the Marxist teaching; and Jews, like Lassalle, Wolfssohn, Adler, Liebknecht, Luxemburg, Levi etc. have organised all labour movements. From their safe editorial chairs, Jews have urged the workers to the barri­cades. Jews, like Paul Singer, Schiff, Kahn etc. were the financiers of Marxist Bolshevism.

The Soviet Government has been and still is almost completely composed of Jews. Not one worker belongs to the governing body. Almost all of the Bolshevist leaders who have been recently shot in Moscow were Jews. There was not one worker ,among them. The Triumvirate, which rose as the victorious group out of this inter-Jewish conflict and which now holds dictatorship over the Soviet Union, is composed of: -

Herschel-Jehuda (Jagoda), Head of the OGPU Lazarus Mosessohn Kaganowitsch, Father­-in-law of Stalin and Commissary for Transport Finkelstein-Litwinoff, Commissary for For­eign Affairs,

all of whom are Jews who came from the Ghetto.

The Government of the Soviet Union is not the dictatorship of the proletariat but the dictatorship of Jewry over all the rest of the population.

The political agitation of Bolshevism is equaled by its demagogical propaganda in the economic sphere. They proclaim that the worker leads a sort of paradisical [sic - WRF] life in the Soviet Union. As late as April, 1932, the newspaper "Rote


Fahne" demanded in its electoral campaign: "Put a stop to the increase of wages, wages have to be decreased. We demand the seven-hour working day, the forty-hour week and ad­justed wages."

But how is the situation in Soviet Russia? The price of bread rose from 9 to 75 Kopeks per kilogramm [sic - WRF] within the years between 1928 and 1935. The monthly wage of a Soviet worker, has fallen 78.5 percent measured by the quantity of bread which the worker can buy. If the Russian worker wants to earn enought [sic - WRF] to live he has to work according to the Stachanoff system which has raised the norm so much above the average that the mass of workers can never reach it. The result is that the average Russian worker gets lower wages.

In 1932 the "Rote Fahne" published a report on the housing conditions, which had been sent in by a comrade working in the Soviet Union. He wrote that he had two large rooms for himself, with electricity and central heating.

And now a true picture of reality: A working woman writes in "Leningradskaja Prawda", a Communist paper, "We, that is I myself and my little boy, who is a year-and-a-half old, my brother and my sister who suffers from tuberculosis, live in one small and dark room. Our complaints brought before the Communist municipal commission have been fruitless. We are still living as before in these unbelievable conditions."

The Russian worker has to spend for his simple food which consists only of bread, cabbage soup and gruel, not less than 75 percent of his total income. He would have to spend twice the amount of the average wage to attain the standard of living which the German worker has.

A well-known Bolshevist slogan promises the establishment of the free right to work. On June 20, 1932 the "Rote Fahne" wrote "Look towards Moscow, Leningrad, Baku, Nowosibirsk


and know: work, bread and liberty can only be attained if we fight and follow the example of the Bolshiviki."

The way in which the Soviet workers are urged to work by the Stachanoff system may rightly be called slavery. But the Soviet Union even re-introduced slavery in the verbal meaning of the word. About six-and-a-half million people who work in the forced labour camps of the Soviet Union are living in a state of hell-on-earth. In three hundred giant forced-labour camps, Bolshevism is squeezing the lost ounce of work and energy out of these workers. Some hundred thousands of people had to be burried [sic - WRF] when the Stalin-Caspian Channel was built by forced-labour gangs. The following Jewish leaders of the OGPU forced the Channel to be built in such murderous speed: Herrschel Jagoda, Davidsohn, Kwasnitzki, Isaaksohn, Rotten­berg, Ginsburg, Brodski, Berensohn, Dorfmann, Kagner, Angert and others. Judaism flourishes the whip over the "Fatherland of the Proletariat."

Bolshevist propaganda boasts of having freed the working class among the peasants from the claws of capitalistic exploitation. To allure the innocent peasants and to get their confidence, Bolshevism founded the "Peasants' International". In its programme we find the following proclamation: "We demand that the burden of taxes be lifted from the middle­ class of the peasants, that their taxes be decreased, we demand the expropriation of the large estates, which shall be made available free of charge for the sons of the peasants who till the soil."

Let us have a look at the situation as it exists in reality! The granaries of Soviet-Russia, which formerly helped to supply Western Europe with the necessary cereals, are no longer in a position to feed their own population. Millions of people are starving. A bitter war is being waged between the terroristic apparatus of the OGPU and the peasants. The Jews Kagano­witsch, Jadoga and Baumann, enforced a radical collectivisation


on the peassants [sic - WRF] which simply killed more than 15 million peasants and members of peasantfamilies.

The main achievement of the peasant policy carried out by the Bolshevists is the terroristic law of August 7, 1932, which, for any kind of "wrong" committed by a peasant enacts the death penalty, ten years of hard labour or forced labour sentences. Judeo-Bolshevism even abuses the relation of child to parent in applying this law. "Iswestia" reports, on May 28, 1934, how a girl denounced her father, who had kept back grain that had been commissioned by the, collective. Under the terror law her father was subject to the death penalty. The child received official congratulation for her act.

In pre-National Socialist Germany the Communist Party put forward the following demands in their programme for the soldiers: Point 12: Abolition of all undesirable persons in command, Point 20: Annulment of the order to live in bar­ racks. "Emancipation from blind Obedience" and the "Democratisation of the Army" were the slogans.

Compulsory mobilization of the workpeople was introduced forthwith after the Bolshevist dictatorship had been set up. Those who did not obey the order were shot or sent to the blood dungeons of the Tscheka. Instead of the 'Voluntary people's militia, there was central authoritarian command, iron proletarian discipline, the forced conscripts were interned in barracks and the strictest laws, courts-martial were set up. From the "Comrade Commandants" the whole army aristocracy was chosen, including lieutenants, captains etc. up to the red marshals. The Soviet Jew, Rabinowitsch, cynically admitted that the simulated "democratisation" of the army was "only a ruse to gain control of the army".

Another Bolshevist slogan, which is widely believed, is the "Emancipation of Woman". The pretension is that the woman must be freed from the domestic yoke and placed on an equal footing with the man. In the year 1924 the Comin-


tern Congress explicitly stated: "The revolution is powerless as long as the family and family conditions remain." But in the practical administration of the Soviet Union the actual way of this highly vaunted "Emancipation of Woman" shows itself in the fact that, without having the right to appeal for protection, women are forced to submit and surrender themselves to the arbitrary demands of the men and they have to earn their livelihood by heavy manual labour. Even in the labour-camps, which have the worst reputation, there are more than one million women.

Furthermore Bolshevist propaganda asserts that the woman is released from the burden of having to look after her children. This task is taken over by the Soviet State itself. At the same time the official party press is forced to acknowledge that the army of waifs and youthful criminals is steadily on the increase. A special and influential appeal in the system of Bolshevist propaganda is the demand for the abrogation of the legal veto against abortion. The practice of abortion, which went on without hindrance for eighteen years, has become so prevalent that the Soviets would now like to forbid this practice of abortion.

Bolshevist propaganda in regard to the position of women in the social order reaches the peak of mental aberration when it declares that in the bourgeois social order prostitut­ion is a necessary evil, but that this will finally disappear with the establishment of Communism. There is no country in the world where the spectacle of prostitution is so universal as in the Soviet Union. Even in order to hold their jobs, working women have to submit to the desires of their bosses. In the truest sense of the term, women in this "Paradise of Women" ate the open prey of the Jewish Soviet bullies.

The "study-trip" made by the French statistician, Herriot, during the famine period of 1933, offers a specially crass


example of how the bemused politicians of Western liberalism may be allured by Soviet propaganda. On this point the Jewish New York paper "Forward", which certainly cannot be suspected of pro-Nazi leanings, declared as follows:

"On the day preceeding [sic - WRF] the arrival of the delegation the whole population of Kiew was mobilized at two o'clock in the night, to clean the main streets. Ten thousand hands worked feverishly to give an European aspect to the neglected and filthy town. All relief centres, cooperative stores were closed. Queues were forbidden. The imposing army of waifs, beggars and starvelings were all removed. Militiamen on highly groomed horses strutted at the street crossings, manes of their horses entwined with white ribbons - a picture which Kiew saw never before, or after" (this is a retranslation).

One of the great parade pieces from the arsenal of Bolshevist propaganda is the claim for the abolition of the army, the demand for "allround and complete" disarmament. The K.P.D. (German Communist Party), under the slogan "No more War" "Forward with the fight against armament" , for instance, demanded a plebiscite on the following proposition:

"The construction of dreadnoughts and cruisers of all kinds is forbidden." And in February, 1932,' the Jew, Finkelstein-Litwinoff, took occasion, at one of the innumerable Geneva Conferences, to champion before the world the principle of "complete disarmament". Up to the present no change has taken place in these methods of deception. This statement is corroborated by the declaration which the same Litwinoff made last July, when he said that the "complete disarmament" was a "maximal guarantee" of peace.

That's Bolshevist propaganda.

And what is the reality? The peace strength of the Red Army amounts to two millions, by reason of the lowering of the age limit of those liable for military service. But to this we


must add the trained reserves, which number from nine to ten millions. In case of war therefore they could mobilize eleven millions; and, within a practical period of time, even fourteen millions.

Should war break out, the Red Army would be able to issue marching orders to Red soldiers of between 160 and 180 infantry divisions and 25 cavallery [sic - WRF] divisions. Recently the increase in the tank forces was declared by the Red Marshal Tuchatschewski, as 2475 percent.

The strength of the Red Air Force amounts to 6000 planes. The planes of the First Line are divided into 3100 heavy and light bombers and scout planes and 1500 chassers. The bombing weapon prevails over all others and proves that the Red Air Force is preeminently a weapon of attack. The idea is that in case of war the bombing planes should be able to make a surprise attack before the attacked country will have had time to organise its defence. The view of the Soviet strategists is that the next war will be begun without any introductory declaration of war. And it is not generally known that the Soviets possess the greatest submarine force in the world.

The aggressive character of the Red Army is testified by the aggressive strategy of its leaders. One of the great paragons of efficiency in the Soviet regime is that of the "obvious justice" of the victorious Bolshevic revolution on a world extension, according to Tuchatschewski, who said: "Bolshevism will strive with elementary force to embrace the whole world by direct influence. Its most important means will be its military power."

And now the most incredible thing of all: lnspite [sic - WRF] of this very obvious imperialistic kind of armament, Bolshevic propaganda insists even today that Moscow adheres to a "policy of peace". "The Soviet Union does not wish to.expand its territory. It is always there when peace is to be defended


and maintained" - that is the kind of lies that Mr. Litwinoff casts into the face of the world. And the French Communist leader, Thorez, declares in "Humanité": "We have shown that the aim of peace is inseparable from the policy of the Soviet Union."

In glaring contrast to this systematic campaign of falsehoods we have the political offensive of the military pacts. Under the slogan of "collective security" these were established between Moscow and Paris on May 2, 1935 and between Moscow and Prague on May 16, 1935.

A little while ago the Mayor of St. Denis, Jacques Doriot, formerly a Communist and now a leader of the "Parti Populaire Français" described the purpose of the Franco-Bolshevic military pact in the following words: "And when they have formulated it in true earnest, when Cachin is President of the Republic and Thorez is Prime Minister and Péri is Foreign Minister, under orders from Moscow they will unleash the dogs of war against Germany and thus secure freedom for the Soviet Union on their Western front ... "

And the case is not otherwise with the military pact between Moscow and Prague. On December 15, 1935, a Soviet airman and member of the Communist Party made the following declarations on that point to a representative of the French paper "Gringoire". "The erection of air stations in the neighbourhood of Prague and in the hinterland would be an ideal move for us. From these points only half the aeroplanes are necessary and only half the fuel is needed. Hence it would be possible for us to carry an extra three tons of explosives." Meanwhile great numbers of these red air stations have been erected in Czechoslovakian territory. Recently they were increased to thirty-six. "Slovensky Dennik" - which is a neswpaper [sic - WRF] published at Pressburg and controlled by the Prime Minister - made the astonishing admission: "If the air stations are intended for the defence of the State, then


assuredly no geese will be found grazing on them. They will be a refuge for those friends of ours wile may find them adapted for use and protection." In other words, these thirty­ six air stations are meant to be the starting points from which the Red bombers will attack Europe. This is an acute danger. That is proved by the fact that the Red bombers could thus reach the most important strategic points in Western Europe within less than an hour and could destroy these. From the air bases of the Red Army within Czechoslovakian territory, Dresden, for example, could be reached within twenty minutes, Chemnitz within eleven minutes, the Silesian industrial district within nine minutes, Berlin within forty-two minutes, Vienna within nine minutes, the munition works in Steier within seventeen minutes and the manufacturing district of the Steiermark within twenty­-seven minutes. The Red planes could reach Budapest within about six minutes and make it a heap of dust and ashes.

That is the story of the Bolshevist "peace policy". On this spot last year I gave an exact account of how many clergymen had been murdered in Russia and pointed to the danger of such a procedure being repeated in other countries. But even ecclesiastical circles in outside countries poo-poohed this warning. They expressed the naive view that Bolshevism had changed and that in future it would guarantee freedom of worship to religious denominations. Meanwhile events in Spain have shown only too clearly that I was right. "In all districts in which the Madrid Govern­ment rules there is no longer a church that is open." So write the "Diario de la marina". And the Catholic Church has even officially announced that in Barcelona alone 250 priests have been murdered and several churches demolish­ed. That is the kind of religious freedom which one enjoys under Bolshevist rule.

In order to appear harmless and bourgeois in the eyes of


Western Democracy, the Bolshevist "diplomats" have even copied habits and behaviour of respectable persons, al­ though the change must cost them an effort. But to us who know the Bolshevist tactics it causes only amusement to see how so many statesmen in Western Europe, who otherwise seem so intelligent, believe that Bolshevism has' abandoned its plan of World Revolution because its diplomatic represent­atives now appear in tail coats and white collars.

And yet this varnishing does not seem adequate for the Jewish Rulers in the Soviet Union. In order to give a final proof of its inpeccability [sic - WRF], Bolshevism has furnished itself with a "Constitution". In this Constitution the "right of education" is laid down, having regard to the 40% of the population which cannot read or write. And in the same Constitution "freedom of speech and of the press" is mentioned, in a country where everything that departs from the line of opinion laid down by the Jewish dictators is punished by death, as we have just experienced in the trial of the Trotz­kyists, This system speaks of the "inviolability of the person and his home and the right of unopened postal correspon­dence" although day after day the Tscheka gathers in thousands of distracted persons' and shoots them or deports them.

The "Popular Front", which was founded by the Communists in France struggles "for the defence of democratic liberty, its maintenance and extension". These are the words of Mr. Thorez, the leader of the party. The "Popular Front" has come to power in Spain. This "democratic liberty" is displayed in filling the prisons of Madrid and Barcelona, in arresting and shooting all non-Communists. In this way 7,000 have already been murdered in Madrid alone.

The phrase "Liberty and Rights of Man" is a favourite slogan of the Communists. It figures prominently in their revolutionary hymn. The following paragraphs of a letter


from the Soviet Union give an idea of how Liberty and the Rights of Man are treated there:

The letter, dated August 10, 1935 states:

"Then some hundreds of the outlawed are shoved into empty and unheated freight-waggons [sic - WRF], like animals. They were ordered to be brought to the Caspian Sea or to Sibiria [sic - WRF] .... One of the leading Communists said to us: 'Die on the roadside and in the fields. We cannot kill you all; but you will have to die in the gutters!' "

A letter dated June 7, 1935, states: "It seems as if the crisis were at the beginning once again but it is to be hoped that the events of the year 1932/1933 will not be repeated when almost 80% of the deported died within the one year."

On November 16, 1917, Lenin promised in the "Declaration of the Rights of the Nationalities" that the peoples of the former Czarist regime would be granted autonomy. But how did this promise work out in reality for these nationalities? On April 27, 1920, the Red Army overran Aserbeidshan, in November of the same year they overtan the Ukraine, on December 3, Armenia, and on February 25, 1921 the young re­ public of Georgia, after Moscow had by treaty acknowledged their territorial integrity the previous year."

In Ingria the Finnish population is being systematically slam­ ped out. From 1929 to 1931 18,000 Finns were banished to Siberia and in the spring of 1935 9,000 were forced to undergo the same fate. Only two month ago the government of the Soviet Union decided to drive out another 28,000 from their native land.

In the Polish-Soviet frontier district 18,000 peasants of German stock " had their settlement transferred" during the spring of this year. From 80 to 90 persons were packed into cattle trucks and sent to Siberia.

Last year 4,000 Carelians were sent in banishment to Central


Asia and 3,000 to the Ural, where more than fifty percent of them succumbed to the inhuman conditions of life and work.

In August 1927 the Communist propaganda apparatus drummed into the ears of the world proclamations against the execution of Sacco and Vanzetti. In millions of leaflets and newspapers the Communists carried on their campaign in foreign countries for the revocation of the death sentence. Yet, what happens in the Soviet Union itself? In Paragraph 58 alone of the Criminal Code, fourteen different kinds of acts are laid down which are punishable with death. By the law of April 7, 1935, the death penalty was introduced even for children.

Starving children in an educational institution have often told how good the conditions were that prevailed there in former times. This fact alone was enough to bring them within the terms of paragraph 58. Ten children were shot by the OGPU in the presence of their comrades. In a newspaper article the Soviet Prosecuting Attorney, Wischinsky, recalls "with content and pleasure" the first anniversary of the day on which the death penalty for children was established by law.

All these are facts which are vouched for exclusively by unquestionable and demonstrable documents originating mostly from Soviet sources. Last year, at the Nürnberg Party Congress, when I uttered words of warning on what I presumed would be the consequences of the Seventh Comintern Congress. held from July 25 to August 21, 1935, the world at large was silent and showed that it did not understand the import of what I had said. The safe stay-at-homes took our prophecies as exaggerated and believed that they could just throw them to the winds.

Therefore I may permit myself to repeat here some of the proposals that were made at the Comintern Congress and the plans that were decided upon and bring before you the


events which meanwhile have resulted therefrom in various countries.

Dimitroff, the accredited agent of the Soviet dictatorship for bringing about the world revolution, has verbally declared: "With Stalin at the head, our political army of millions of men can and must overcome all difficulties, com­pletely surmount all obstacles, raze the fortress of Capitalism to the ground and achieve the victory of Socialism, throughout the whole world."

He said further:

"The proletariat is the real master of the world, the master who will rule tomorrow, It must be granted its historical right and in every land throughout the world it must take the sceptre of power in its own hands."

"It is vain to think of turning the wheel of history back­ wards. No! The wheel of history is turning and will turn further in the direction of the World Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics, unto the final conquest of the whole world by Socialism."

Such is the programme set forth by this Bulgarian terrorist for the revolutionising of the world. As to how it is carried out, let the plain facts speak.

Since this congress, much more than a hundred Communist revolts have occurred in different countries through­ out the world, among them the revolts in Brest and Toulon, in August, 1935, with many dead, in Lemberg on April 18, 1936, with 10 dead, and in Saloniki on May 10, 1936, with more than 100 dead. Three armed uprisings, planned long in advance, shook whole countries for weeks on end: in November 1935, in Pernambuco, in January, 1936, in Buenos Aires, and in March, 1936, in Spain.

Six attempted revolutions were frustrated in advance, among them those in December, 1935, in Uruguay, in February, 1936, in Paraguay and in the same month in Chile.


Sixty-two large fires were caused, among them that in Lan­chou in China, which claimed 1,000 victims. Fifty-four armed raids were carried out and 78 stores of explosives plundered. Altogether 3,041 lives were sacrificed by these Bolshevist criminals.

To select a few examples. At the meeting of the Com­munist World Congress on July 30, 1935, Comrade Dsordsos appeared as the representative of Greece, and outlined a plan of action for the future. Almost exactly one year after his appearance in Moscow, on August 5, 1936, Greece was shaken by a general strike, which developed directly into an armed revolution. Only through the energetic intervention of General Metaxas was Greece saved from being reduced to a state of Bolshevist chaos, and the plan of Comrades Dimitroff and Dsordsos frustrated.

With regard to the stirring up of revolution in colonies , Dimitroff said that the peoples of the colonial and semi­ colonial countries no longer regarded their liberation as a hopeless cause, but tended more and more towards a de­termined struggle against their imperialist oppressors.

Scarcely one year later a dangerous revolt broke out in Syria, which cost many lives. The new friendship with France by no means prevented Moscow from carrying out its premeditated plan in a territory under the mandate of its ally. A few months later the disturbances in Palestine broke out, during wich [sic - WRF] the English police confiscated masses of Communist leaflets and dispersed secret meetings of Communist agents.

Marques, the representative of Brazil , declared at the Seventh World Congress in July, 1935, that the country was hastening towards the decisive struggle for the fall of the government ... and for the establishment of a national revolu­tionary government.


Three months later a Communist revolution broke out in Natal and Recife, which claimed 150 dead and 400 wounded. Luis Carlos Prestes, the Jew Ewert and the "Ambassador" of Soviet Russia in Montevideo, the Jewish former furrier Minkin, were revealed as the agents of the "Alliance".

To come to France. Dimitroff said that the French Communist Party provided an example for all sections of the Communist International of how the tactics of a Front Populaire should be carried out.

Thorez, the leader of the French Communist Party, added that a revolution does not occur automatically, but must be organized. Weare determined, he said, to follow the example of the Russian Bolshevists. We are ... in favour of the Soviets.

The French Communist Party has proved itself worthy of the praise which Dimitroff accorded it. Its membership increased ftom 87,000 in January to 100,000 in March, to 187,000 in June and to over' 225,000 in August, 1936. During the same period the number of military youth organizations was quadrupled. The number of votes increased from 790,000 to 1,500,000, a third of which were recorded in grea­ter Paris alone. The number of Communist members in the French Chamber increased from 10 to 73. The circulation of the newspaper "Humanité" rose from 154,000 in 1933 to 750,000 for a time in 1936. During the electoral campaign for membership in the Chamber, in 1936, 27 million pamphlets were distributed by the Communist propaganda headquarters. After their affiliation with the Communist Front Populaire, the trade unions increased in membership from 800,000 in May of this year to 4,300,000 in August.

France is also proceeding to follow the example of the Spanish Front Populaire. Dimitroff's "Trojan horse" stands within the walls of Paris.

But nothing provides us with a better object lesson, nothing could convince us more thoroughly of the seriousness of


the decisions of the Seventh World Congress, than the sanguinary and appalling events in Spain. They represent the literal carrying out of the directions given at that time. They are practically the realization of the "Front Populaire"­ plan, which has attained only its preliminary stage in France, but has reached its highest point of development in Spain. Dimitroff had announced the plan of action under a Front Populaire government when he said that the exercise of the powers of a government of this kind was to be utilized to prepare the masses for the revolution, and that they should arm themselves for the Socialist revolution, because Soviet power alone could provide salvation.

The Spanish delegate, Ventura, announced that the exact programme was as follows: "The Spanish proletariat and our party. .. will overthrow Fascism and the power of the bourgeois and the owners of the large estates once and for all, and bring about the triumph of the workers' - and peasants' ­ revolution ... Under the banner of Lenin and Stalin, we are proudly marching towards victory."

Before the murder of the monarchist leader Calvo Sotelo, which took place on July 13, 269 lives had already been sacrificed to the murderous Communist pest. The French journalist Arminjon reported, for example, that in Murcia the mob seized upon two young men who had been said to be Fascists. They were maltreated on the street, and finally a woman seized a butcher's hatchet and beheaded them both. This occurred on March 16, and the names of the two men were Pedro Cutillas and Antonio Martinez.

The Press throughout the world had finally to. print reports of the inhuman horrors perpetrated by the Spanish Marxists at the command of their foreign instigators. It is impossible to give even approximate figures approaching the actual facts. On August 19, the following facts were made public, derived from an official source: in the city of Madrid


and in its suburbs, up to the present more than 6,000 people were murdered by the Reds, 1,400 alone in the famous park Casa del Campo. In the largest prison, the Carcel Modelo, there were at that time 3,000 prisoners, and 1,146 in San Antonio, the total for Madrid being 6,000. I have in front of me a report by an eye-witness, the German Hein­richs, whose house overlooked the Casa del Campo, and here quite different figures are given. This eye-witness reports that up till August 30, he himself had seen about 6,000 people shot. He also reports that on other squares in the city, in the streets and in the houses, 20,000 more were murdered.

Other eye-witnesses, some of whom were forced to witness the Bolshevist murders from within the prisons, give reports of hundreds of murders daily. A young foreigner saw with his own eyes how in the night of August 20, about 200 prison officials in the Carcel Modelo were murdered, and how, on the next day, 250 members of the Fascist organizations were shot in the courtyard of the barracks. On August 15 he saw a convoy of 250 prisoners arriving in Madrid from Almeria handed over to the Red militia by the police escort. The latter lined up 240 of them and shot them on the spot then and there. They escorted only 10 of them to the prison, so as to have carried out their "duty". A little later the Fascist leaders, Ruiz de AIda, Fernando Primo de Rivera, Cuesta and Valdes, were murdered.

The whole German nation mourns for the seven Germans who died a horrible death as victims of the murderous Red crew. On their way to the Recreation Congress in Hamburg, four Germans, named Caetje, Dato, Hofmeister and Treiz, who were also members of the National Socialist Party, were murdered by a group of Bolshevists. After a long "trial", two of them were led behind a factory, and the other two were placed against a wall a little way off and the four of


them were shot. It was afterwards ascertained that the criminals had performed their bloody work with small shot. Hof­meister and Treiz were so disfigured that they could only be recognized with difficulty by the shape of their faces. Many other Germans were injured or suffered damage to their property. The National Socialist, Hans Hahner, was mur­dered on the way to his work at the Red Cross station. His house was plundered and his wife left destitute.

Not only in Madrid, but throughout the whole country, there were constant further reports of the horrible doings of the Reds. According to the "Diario de Noticias" of Lisbon, 187 people were murdered in Llora del Rio, and 250 in Constantina.

According to the German paper "Germania", in Cartagena 600 officers and soldiers were thrown into the sea with stones tied round their necks. According to the "Seculo", in the monastery of Baena 180 persons were executed by the Communists with choppers and razors, among them the priest of Santa Maria Mayor, and also women and children. The women's bodies were ripped open. The "Seculo" also referred to a report by two peasants from Malaga of the murder of more than 400 persons, who were thrown into the wells with weights tied to their feet, or bound to the tails of horses and dragged through the streets. According to "Die Front" of Zurich, the Italian consular agent Solaverani reported that a girl of 16 fired the first shot at a prisoner. The "Journal de Genève" reported that in Rosal de la Frontera the Communists locked 40 people in the church and set fire to it, so that they were burnt to death. According to "The Times", 400 inhabitants were murdered in Runda, about 200 of them being thrown into the Tagus. According to the "Evening Standard", 51 hostages were shot in San Sebastian on August 14. Again according to the "Seculo", in Almendralago General Franco's troups [sic - WRF] found


the corpses of prisoners, crucified head downwards on the prison walls. The "Seculo" reported further that 80 persons were burnt alive. According to the "Daily Mail", in Cartagena 50 members of the civil guard were bound neck to neck, and beaten with iron bars and thrown into the sea from the Red prison ship "Sil", The same paper stated that the special correspondent of "Le Journal", Emile Condroyer, had reported from EI Arahal that the Reds shut up 30 men, women and children in prison, poured petroleum in through the window and threw' in lighted matches.

The details which reach us of the murdering of priests and violating of nuns are inconceivable. The following are a few examples. The "Journal de Genève" reported that the Arch­ bishop of Tarragona and the Bishop of Lerida were mur­dered. According to the "Matin", the American, Henry Harris, reported that he himself witnessed in prison the murder of 150 members of religious orders. According to the "Journal de Genève", the Catholic workers' leader, Don Dimas Madariaga, was murdered in Piedralvez. The German Hein Hausmann reported that in Tarragona eight priests were shot, and a monk trampled on and finally shot. Cases are constantly being reported of priests being beheaded and their heads being dragged through the streets. The "Germania" reported that in Valencia whole rows of nuns were shot, and their bodies burnt. The priests of Adrero, Las Casas and Torres were killed in the most horrible fashion. The list could be continued indefinitely. Children often took part in the shootings. Thus, according to the "Diario de la Marina", Raffael Oriol of La Habana reported that in Barcelona he had seen many groups of boys under 15 among the murderers.

Irreplaceable works of art were destroyed and the intellect­ual elite of the country was exterminated. According to the London "Daily Mail", the Nobel prize-winner Bonavente,


the well-known dramatist Alvares Quintero and the painter Zuloaga have been executed. Professor Walter W. S. Cook reports that in Barcelona alone St. Anne's Cathedral and all other churches, with one exception, have been burned down. The famous altar wings by Vermejo dating from the 15th century have been destroyed and the 15th century Church of Santa Maria del Mar reduced to a heap of ruins. All that remains of the 9th century Church of San Pedro de las Puellas is the walls. The famous monasteries in Barcelona and the Palace of the Archbishop have been completely destroyed.

That is the real face of Bolshevist atheism which has the effrontery to state its readiness to co-operate with the Churches in other countries. The fact. that the bodies of nuns were torn from their coffins in Barcelona is a symbol of the desecration of all that is holy by Bolshevism. When Andres 1 in, one of the principal agitators in Spain and formerly secretary to the Bolshevist Tomsky, states, that they have solved the church problem by leaving not a single church standing, we must state that this is the incarnation of god­lessness. That is the real face of Bolshevism!

In Spain, as in Russia of 1917, and in all other countries, it is the unpatriotic and Jewish wire-pullers who cause and lead Bolshevist revolts. If they are non-Jews, they have completely lost their feeling of patriotism.

Now who is to blame, theoretically and practically, for everything that is happening in Spain? All these events represent nothing else than the execution of the resolutions adopted in Moscow. The Bolshevist Jew, Bela Kun , the "Murderer of Hungary", Neumann, who in Spain, calls himself Enrique Fischer Neumann, Kolzow-Gins­burg, posing as the correspondent of the Moscow "Praw­da", and, finally, the red League of Nations diplomat and Jew, Rosenberg, were sent to Spain to carry them out.


They 'are the leaders of all Soviet Russian terrorists who carry out their sanguinary work in Spain provided with forged passports which, strange to say, are mostly of French origin.

Nothing is more characteristic of Moscow's responsibility than the well-laid plan to make the civil war started by Bolshevism in Spain develop into an international conflict. The Jew Schwernik, the president of the Soviet Russian trade unions, frankly admitted the intention to intervene when he said, according to the "Iswestia", that the Central Committee... summons all workers and the masses in the Soviet Union to provide material assistance for the Spanish fighters who are defending the democratic republic by force of arms.

The "Iswestia" itself states that the First Secretary of the Central Council of the Soviet Russian trade union associ­ations has remitted the sum of 12 million roubles, which is equal to 36 million francs, to the Spanish Bolshevists. According to the Berlin "B6rsenzeitung", the President of the Spanish State, Azana, thanked the Soviet Jew Kolzow-Ginsburg in the following words: "Please convey to the Soviet people that we have been profoundly touched by their sympathy and stirring assistance. It was always clear to me that there must always be a community of interests between the great Soviet Democracy and the Spanish Democracy.')

Moscow attemps [sic - WRF] by means of its Comintern sections to induce even foreign governments to intervene on behalf of the Reds in Spain. The French Right press con­stantly reports the delivery of French aircraft and French war material to Madrid.

Money is collected by the Moscow Red Aid in every country without any disguise in order to help the Bolshevists in Spain. Jouhaux , the Secretary General of the French Front


Populaire trade union, the agent André Malraux and others maintain connection between the French and Spanish Marxists. According to the "Prawda", the Spanish Premier Giral thanked Kolzow-Ginsburg for the "brilliant initiative of French organizations and persons who are energetically supporting the Spanish Government in its struggle". making special mention of Jouhaux, Malraux and the Jew J. B. Bloch , and concluding with renewed thanks to the "fraternal Soviet people". How does the Front Populaire government in Spain come to thank a Soviet .Jew for the support of French Communists? It proves that the ringleaders of the French Communist party, like those of the same party in Spain, live in Moscow.

There is proof that the unheard-of acts of cruelty in Spain were instigated and committed by agents of the Comintern. There is proof that Soviet Russia provides the Spanish Bolshevists with financial. political and practical assistance. There is proof that the last Comintern Congress in Moscow intended to introduce Bolshevism in theory and practice into Spain and that Moscow is now endeavouring to carry out this plan. Moscow's undiminished and even in­ creased determination to bring about a world revolution is illustrated by the example of Spain. Anyone who does not realize this now cannot complain about the consequences.

That is Bolshevism in theory and practice, an infernal world pestilence which must be eradicated and which it is the duty of everyone, conscious of his responsibilities, to assist in removing. It is not merely oratory when we Germans appeal to all the nations of the world to combine in order to meet this menace if they do not wish to be drawn into the whirlpool of a terrible and incalculable fate.

Germany has given the signal for this world struggle. W Po National Socialists, as the originators of this struggle, have for fourteen years been the opponents who fought against


Bolshevism of every variety and hue; we did that under govern­ ments which were typically middle-class in character and had no idea of the effects of Bolshevism and who, therefore, hindered us every time we wished to strike a decisive blow. It seems almost like a miracle to-day that we succeeded, nevertheless, in defeating Bolshevism in Germany. It is also perhaps a miracle to be attributed to a supernatural power which did not wish to allow nations and civilizations, thousands of years old, to be destroyed by the nihilistic will of inter­ national Bolshevistic Jewry.

We were able to overcome Bolshevism because we were able to counter it with a better ideal and a stronger faith, because the nation rose with us against Jewry and the racially inferior underworld connected with it, because we advocated a "Welt­anschauung" which, in contrast to that of Bolshevism, is fine, noble and idealistic, because in our struggle we were supported by the people themselves, and not, like the middle-class parties, by those with possessions and culture, because we combined the attractive force of our ideas with the strong faith and political fervour of a newly awakened nation, and because we had a Führer who pointed out the way from the darkest hour of our national life to the clear, bright, pure Iight.of a better future.

It is the historial [sic - WRF] service rendered by the Führer, which the whole world already recognizes, that he barred the way to the onset of Bolshevism on Germany's eastern frontiers, and thus assumed the role of Europe's spiritual pioneer in its struggle with the subversive forces of destruction and anarchy. A true knight, without fear or reproach, he seized the banner of cul­ture, humanity and civilization in his strong hands and carried it proudly against the menace and onset of the world revolution. He has taught us to despise fear and love the things that are worthy of veneration, and thus restored our respect for our old national ideals and virtues.


That ought to be a signal for the whole world. We have proved under the most unfavourable circumstances that Bolshevism can be overcome if one wishes to do so, if one uses the proper means and if one is determined to oppose the powers of destruction with all one's strength and all one's manly courage. The German People have thereby become happier, and this will happen to all nations who will have the good fortune to produce men who dare to take up this challenge. The scales would fall from their eyes and they would see the whole evil cunning of Jewry and. thus realize that once it has been recognized and seen through, it is neither clever nor dangerous.

May the world follow Germany's example. Of course Natio­nal Socialism is not suitable for export, and other nations shall not be persuaded or even forced to adopt its methods. Yet it may prove instructive, and its methods of procedure may stimulate other nations to adopt the same course and thus evade a terrible crisis. May they do so before it is too late, for the danger is approaching everywhere.

But we German National Socialists are proud that we have already solved this problem not only for Germany but also for the rest of Europe. Adolph Hitler, as the leader of this German struggle, has at the same time become the best European. He has shown this tortured continent how to overcome the worst crisis that has ever threatened it, and thus given the nations of Europe an opportunity of learning from Germany and acting accordingly. For the Red enemy of civilization is at work in every country. The whole world is in danger. Therefore there must be no more vacillation. We must be ready to meet the danger at the decisive hour. The Red Menace threatens us from the East, but the Führer is on the watch. Germany, as the outpost of European civili­zation, is ready and determined to ward off this danger from her frontiers with all the means at her disposal.


We have burned out the Bolshevist pest in Germany, and there is not a trace of it left in the country. It will also no longer find any opportunity of raising its head again in any way or at any time. The last sparks of this smouldering fire have been trampled upon. The former leaders and initiators of this pest in Germany have either left the country or been taken into safe custody; but most of their former followers and adherents have long. been absorbed in the new great German national community. Regardless of how Moscow might attempt to set Bolshevism going again in Germany, such an attempt would be opposed with a ruthlessness that would astonish even Moscow. There is no one and nothing that could restrain us in such a case. The German nation wishes and demands that we should act thus. The people are happy in the enjoyment of their new internal peace, and by no means inclined to allow it to be disturbed anywhere, at any time or by anyone. The Party, as the agency for combating Bolshevism, watches over the safety of the State and protects the people and the nation within the country, while the Army, as the incorporation of our national deter­mination to resist and defend ourselves, protects the fron­tiers of Germany. These are the bulwarks of our safety, the supports of the people and the State. The nation can feel secure under their powerful protection.

Meanwhile the Red anarchists in Moscow are arming in feverish haste. Their armaments are meant for aggressive pur­ poses, for every Red regiment is imbued with the idea of world revolution. Every Red aeroplane and every Red gun is constructed for the purpose of spreading chaos throughout Europe.

We are unable to influence or affect what other peoples are doing to ward off this danger. We cannot force them to make sensible and suitable preparations. But what we do is not determined by paying futile and careless regard to the


League of Nations nor to the more or less shortsighted sympathy with the Soviet idea in other countries, nor yet by vague and unsubstantial attempts to promote collective security, attempts which entangle Europe in a network of incalculable respon­sibilities. What we do is determined by our duty and our conscience and the feeling of responsibility towards Germany and Europe. The Red Kremlin, by extending the period of military service, has considerably increased the effective strength of the Bolshevist army. The Führer has not left this challenge unanswered. By introducing a period of two years' military service he has again provided Germany with the security necessary to protect us from Red anarchy.

Even if other States and governments may thoughtlessly attempt to make little of the danger by which we are all menaced from Moscow, we do not allow ourselves to be misled; we pay little attention to what the Moscow Jews are say in g - the important thing for us is what they do. We have seen through them, and counter every move they make with absolute precision and logicality.

But the German People can now once more carryon their work reassured and in peace. The Reich is safeguarded and protected; the Red onset from the East will be checked by the bulwarks of National Socialism. But above the nation stands the Fiihrer as the faithful Paladin of his people, well­ tried in need and danger, and inspired solely by the fanatical determination to make Germany once more proud, rich and happy. The Party watches over our safety at home and the Army over our safety on the frontiers. But both obey with joy and determination the orders of the one man who stands before us as the outpost of his own people and the pioneer of a better, sincerer, nobler and happier Europe.

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