Another Response to the tales of Jim Condit Jr. - by O.S.

Hitler was not a Rothschild or Zionist Agent
To: Mr. William Finck

Dear Sir

I hope that I am addressing the right Person.

My Name is O.S and I speak fluently German and English. For this reason, I do not misunderstand or misinterpret any German or English speeches.

I listened to the above Audio and I must say, that I am wholeheartedly agreed with your position and that Jim Condit is in the wrong. Mr. Condit maybe on the right side of the fence, but he is certainly of the beaten track and is ill informed. I made myself notes during listening to the audio. Her are my comments in the approximate sequences of the audio.

That Hitler declared war on the USA may have been a mistake to do, but he was right in doing so. He had a long list of complaints about the conduct of the USA. Hitler however had really no choice, the USA force Hitler’s decision. 

It is a good Idea, to mention the blood Sunday in Bromberg on March 9. 1939 were Polish forces killed 1000 ethic German people, as a reason for the war with Poland.  Which Hitler also mentioned in his speech. There seems to be a little mix-up in the dates of the incident. At ..\Bromberg Blut Sontag.docx I have a list of an additional 44 border incidences with dates, times and places. There is plenty of documentation on blood Sunday in Bromberg or Bromberg Blut Sonntag. This is a perfect way to take the wind out of the sails of anyone who says, that Hitler started the War with Poland. If Hitler says in his speech, from 5:45 we are shooting back, it means that the Poles were shooting first at the Germans and the Germans just returned fire. Furthermore, the Poles killed the German Ambassador to Poland. I believe this happened on August 30 1939. Killing an Ambassador is a declaration of War.

Hitler did not come out of nowhere; he started his fight against the Jewish controlled German Government shortly after the end of WWI. He did not take money from the Bankers, as one can see from his Book Mein Kampf. In his Book, he explained clearly how he financed the NSDAP.

Otto Strasser is not a National Socialist. Strasser belong to the opposition SPD Party which consisted mainly of communists. Strasser made a short speech, when Hitler’s NSDAP Party passed the so-called Ermaechtigungs Law, which restricted the opposition to throw Monkey wrenches in the Program of getting Germany back on track to prosperity. Strasser did not participate in the Freicorps. On the contrary, Strasser was one of the traitors in the German Government that caused the German defeat of WWI.

It is possible, that Adolf Eichmann was Jewish, because it is appropriate to put a Jew in charge of Jewish affaires, just as Alfred Rosenberg also Jewish, assembled the Nuremberg Laws in 1935.

Eichmann negotiated with Ben Gurion and Golda Mayer the Havaara Transfer Agreement. Eichman was out in charge of completing the Belfour agreement from Versaille, to which the German Jews put their signature.

Hitler did not fight for the communists as we can see from the book, the Communism in Germany. Hitler fight was against Jewish Bolshevik Communism from star to finish.

Jews were not randomly rounded up, as we are always told. In the City of Naumburg near Kassel in Germany, the Jew businesspeople in the City were still conducting their occupation till after the war. Shortly after the war, the Jewish business people emigrated in to the USA. My Mother in law who cleaned the home of some Jews on the Sabbath, later got parcels from these Jews after they arrived in the USA.

Hitler did not collaborate with Israel; he only conducted business with them as with any other entity.

Hitler did not start the War with Poland he merely fired back in self-defense.

Chamberlain was removed in England as Prime Minister, because he signed a peace deal with Germany.

It seems Mr. Condit does not know that England and France declared War on Germany on Sept. 3rd. 1939 and not Germany on England and France.

Hitler stuck to the Balfour agreement from Versailles and helped the Jews to complete the deal.

Hitler did not close any international banks; he only changed the rules for these banks. The Government controlled the money supply. Even the Jew Halmar Schacht praised the banking system in Germany.

Hitler was not soft, even so, he was too soft on Jews, he only was just an honorable man that stuck to written contracts.

Hitler let the Brits in Dunkirk go, because he was afraid of Russia and wanted England to be a friend of Germany.

I do not know, if the advances in the Barbarossa campaign were ordered to stop, I think it was more likely the extra cold winter of 1942. First the Germans experienced lots of wet weather that turned the none existing roads in to meter thick mud. When it started to freeze all the equipment froze into the mud. Thousands of German Soldiers froze to death. I understand the Position of the German Generals to take Moscow, because the hoped to end the War before the winter came. My father told me of sabotage, that the summer closing went to the soldiers in Russia and the winter closing to Africa. The Germans called these occurrences general mud and general winter. My father told me that Hitler had intended to take the oilfields in the Balkans first.

Hitler did not order any graves destroyed. On the contrary, he laid down a reef on the Grave of the Polish President and on a grave from a French pilot who was shot down while fighting on the polish side. I have seen some graves, nicely side by side, being dug up by the Americans for examination .

I share your opinion on anything written by Jews, or anything written after the War (in kosher form), is not worth the paper it is written on. When I read something about the Nazis being evil criminals or anything of that nature, I stop reading, because I know it is a lie. Jews are pathological liars. Martin Luther’s, “From the Jews and their Lies” comes to my mind.

As to the name of Patrick Hitler I must say, Patrick is not a German name at that time.

Most of the Jews in the camps were not prisoners; they were refugees that came along with the refugees from Rumania, Ukraine, Hungary and the eastern part of Europe. It is absurd to think, that the Germans imprisoned children in Concentration camps. Those Jews who wore the yellow star were not on the list of potential subversive elements, they were protected. Those who did not wear the star where questioned by the Gestapo, because they had something to hide.

Hitler was a devoted Catholic and Rudolf Hess was even a preacher. Jesus was a rebel against the Zionists at that time, the synagogue of Satan.

Mr. Condit did not know, that peter means stone. The City of Petra, in the land of Petrea, is chiseled into solid stone.

A socialist is one that is friendly to everyone; hens the word socialize. Hitler wanted every race to be proud of their own race.

The Jews owned Germany already before WWI. Even now in Germany, there are 100 Jews in the German Bundestag of 612 members. If the Turks would have the same representation as the Jews, there would be no room for Germans in the Bundestag.

Kennedy was killed because he was anti War; for the people and he wanted that, the government has control over the money supply. These are the reasons for the murder of JFK. When we check the life’s of all the murdered presidents, we will find that they all had these symptoms in common for which they were murdered.

After the War the allies wanted to randomly execute 50 000 Germans. Some, Benjamin and Nathan Robinson, did not agree with this and suggested the Nuremberg trials to give it the appearance of a just verdict.

Hitler knew already after the winter of 1942, that Germany could not win the War anymore, because of the thousands of frozen soldiers and the production of war machinery could not keep up the demand.

Hitler considered every white person an Arish person. This we can see this from the Nara documents of the people interned because of subversive activities. These documents are also available on In these documents from the NARA holocaust documentation is also an instruction manual for the concentration Camps and how to process complaints from Prisoners. When reading this manual, one can see that that, which the Jew claims about the hollycaust, a mixture of “Hollywood and Holocaust according to Alfred Hitchcock Holocaust documentary”., is sheer invention and simply not possible. A script went along with the documentary, as we can see from Alfred’s documentation.

Mr. Condit should read, the Jew as a criminal, the Jews in Russia, the Jews in Germany and the Jews in the USA.

Sincerely O. S.