Russia. No. 1 (1919). - 44. Sir C. Eliot to Earl Curzon.

No. 44

Sir C. Eliot to Mr. Curzon.(Received February 23.)

(Telegraphic.) Vladivostock, February 22, 1919.

FOLLOWING report of 71 Bolshevik victims received from consular officer at Ekaterinburg, dated 19th February :—

"Nos. 1 to 18 Ekaterinburg citizens (first 3 personally known to me) were imprisoned without any accusation being made against them, and at four in the morning of 29th June were taken (with another, making 19 altogether) to Ekaterinburg sewage dump, half mile from Ekaterinburg, and ordered to stand in line alongside of newly-dug ditch. Forty armed men in civil clothes, believed to be Communist militia, and giving impression of semi-intelligent people, opened fire, killing 18. The 19th, Mr. Chistoserdow, miraculously escaped in general confusion. I, together with other consuls at Ekaterinburg, protested to Bolsheviks against brutality, to which Bolsheviks replied, advising us to mind our own business, stating that they had shot these people to avenge death of their comrade, Malishef, killed at front, against Czechs.

"Nos. 19 and 20 are 2 of 12 labourers arrested for refusing to support Bolshevik Government, and on 12th July thrown alive into hole into which hot slag deposits from works at Verhisetski near Ekaterinburg. Bodies were identified by fellow labourers.

"Nos. 21 to 26 were taken as hostages and shot at Kamishlof on 20th July.

"Nos. 27 to 33, accused of plotting against Bolshevik Government arrested 16th December at village of Troitsk, Perm Government. Taken 17th December to station Silva, Perm railway, and all decapitated by sword. Evidence shows that victims had their necks half cut through from behind, head of No. 29 only hanging on small piece of skin.

"Nos. 34 to 36, taken with 8 others beginning of July from camp, where they were undergoing trench-digging service for Bolsheviks to spot near Oufalay, about 80 versts from Ekaterinburg, and. murdered by Red Guards with guns and bayonets.

"Nos. 37 to 58, held in prison at Irbit as hostages, and 26th July murdered by gun-shot, those not killed outright being finished off by bayonet. These people were shot in small groups, and murder was conducted by sailors and carried out by Letts, all of whom were drunk. After murder, Bolsheviks continued to take ransom money from relatives of victims, from whom they concealed crime.

"No. 59 was shot at village Klevenkinski, Verhotury district, 6th August, being accused of agitation against Bolsheviks.

"No. 60, after being forced to dig his own grave, was shot by Bolsheviks at village Mercoushinski, Verhotury district, 13th July.

"No. 61 murdered middle of July at Kamenski works for allowing church bells to be sounded contrary to Bolshevik orders, body afterwards found with others in hole with head half cut off.

"No. 62 arrested without accusation, 8th July, at village Ooetski, Kamishlov district. Body afterwards found covered with straw and dung, beard torn from face with flesh, palms of hands cut out, and skin incised on forehead.

"No. 63 was killed after much torture (details not given), 27th July, at station Anthracite.

"No. 67 murdered, 13th August, near village of Mironoffski.

"No. 68 shot by Bolsheviks before his church at village of Korouffski, Kamishlov district, before eyes of villagers, his daughters and son, date not stated.

"Nos. 69 to 71, killed at Kaslingski works near Kishtim, 4th June, together with 27 other civilians. No. 70 had head smashed in, exposing brains. No. 71 had head smashed in, arms and legs broken, and two bayonet wounds.

"Dates in this telegram are 1918."