Russia. No. 1 (1919). - 43. Sir C. Eliot to Earl Curzon.

No. 43

Sir C. Eliot to Earl Curzon.(Received February 20.)

(Telegraphic.) Vladivostock, February 19, 1919.

FOLLOWING from consul at Ekaterinburg :—

"Desertions from Red Army increasing, and peasants in Bolshevik Russia mutinying on mobilisation. Peasant insurrections occurred. Penza Government, also Ohansk, and Sizran districts. Mutinies of newly-mobilised troops took place at Tambof, Kursk, Kasan, Nijni Novgorod, and other places.

"According to Russian prisoner returning from Germany, insurrections against Bolsheviks took place between Vyatka and Glazof. Thirty Orthodox priests were massacred by Bolsheviks at Osa. Five hundred Russian officers returning from Germany shot at Menzelinsk."