Russia. No. 1 (1919). - 4. Sir R. Paget to Mr. Balfour.



Sir R. Paget to Mr. Balfour.―(Received September 10.)

(Telegraphic.) Copenhagen, September 9, 1918.

I HAVE received telegram from Petrograd as follows :―

"Wholesale arrest and decapitations have resulted from attempt on Lenin and murder of Uritsky. Bolsheviks are arresting bourgeoisie, men, women, and children, having no connection with the authors of these attempts, on the plea that they are faced with conspirators.

"According to official reports, more than 500 persons have been shot during the last three days without enquiry or sentence. Fresh executions are being prepared, and the press is full of blood-thirsty articles.

"Lockhart was arrested and condemned to death, but at the last moment we succeeded in saving him ; 28 British, including British consul, and 11 French have been arrested at Petrograd. In the prisons conditions defy description. In fortress of Peter and Paul, where all the British are confined, prisoners have absolutely no food. In order to remedy this, we have now succeeded in forming an organisation. Every night executions take place without trial. Terrorism continues. Protest against these proceedings has been made verbally and in writing by foreign representatives, including Germans. List of more than 1,000 hostages has been published by the Government, amongst whom are four Serbian officers, who will be shot if attempt on life of a commissary should be made."