Russia. No. 1 (1919). - 3. Sir R. Paget to Mr. Balfour.

No. 3.

Sir R. Paget to Mr. Balfour.―(Received September 3.)


(Telegraphic.) Copenhagen, September 3, 1918.

FOLLOWING report from Danish Minister at Petrograd has been communicated to me by Danish Government :―

"On 31st August the Government troops forced their way into the British Embassy, their entry to which was resisted by British naval attaché, Captain Cromie who, after having killed three soldiers, was himself shot.

"The archives were sacked, and everything was destroyed.

"Captain Cromie's corpse was treated in a horrible manner. Cross of St. George was taken from the body, and subsequently worn by one of the murderers.

"English clergyman was refused permission to repeat prayers over the body.

"French Military Mission was forced. A man named Mazon and a soldier and several Frenchmen were arrested.

"Bolsheviks in the press openly incite to murder British and French.

“It is urgently necessary that prompt and energetic steps be taken."