Hitler Youth Quex

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Quex is short German for quicksilver (mercury), although I have not yet determined why they used the term here. Maybe once I get to watch the entire movie.

From the cover:

Young Heini Volker has a problem. His unemployed father demands he join Berlin's young communists. But his heart belongs to the Hitler Youth. As violence escalates between these camps, Heini's quandary deepens.  How he finds his way to National Socialism is the story of Hitlerjunge Quex. Produced in 1933, just after Hitler's ascension to power, this movie draws from the real-life story of Herbert Norkus, a Hitler Youth killed by communists in 1932. With its vivid recreations of Depression-era misery, it offers a fascinating portrait of Berlin's working-class life viewed through the transformative lens of Nazi ideology. An immediate box office success, the film became a Nazi propaganda staple, viewed by 20 million by 1945.

Germany, 1933, B&W, 87 minutes. Directed by Hans Steinhoff.  Featuring Heinrich George, Berta Drews & Claus Clausen. German Dialogue with optional English Subtitles.

This version has the English Subtitles.


From egerkh, Monday, 11/08/2010

The protagonist, Heini Voelker is nick-named Quex because of his mercurial nature being strong yet fragile.