Russia. No. 1 (1919). - 50. Sir C. Eliot to Earl Curzon.

No. 50.

Sir C. Eliot to Earl Curzon.—(Received March 26.)

(Telegraphic.) Vladivostock, March 21, 1919.

FOLLOWING from consul at Ekaterinburg, 20th March : ̶

"Have now completed our report on Bolsheviks. Enclosures comprise Russian consul's unbiassed evidence of nearly 100 witnesses, 20 photographs of atrocities committed by Bolsheviks and other documentary evidence obtained from Russian authorities.

"Persons of all classes, especially peasants, continue to come to this consulate, giving evidence of murder of their relatives and other outrages that Bolsheviks in their fury have wrought, but, owing to necessity of limiting work in order to complete report, have been obliged to curtail taking further evidence.

"Details given in my recent telegrams may be taken as characteristic of manner Bolsheviks murdered innocent citizens ; and, therefore, for reasons above mentioned, unless I hear from you to contrary, shall desist from sending you further names. From reports received, murder and pillage committed by Bolsheviks during their retreat from this front assumed most terrible proportions."