Russia. No. 1 (1919). - 28. Mr. Alston to Earl Curzon.

No. 28.

Mr. Alston to Earl Curzon.(Received February 3.)

(Telegraphic.) Vladivostock, February 1, 1919.

FOLLOWING from High Commissioner, 30th January :

"Consul at Ekaterinburg has forwarded a report from Military Investigation Commission at Verkhoturie in Northern Urals to following effect :―

"British workman, Alexander Smith, was arrested and kept in prison at Verkhoturie by Bolshevik authorities from 30th September to 12th October, 1918, on which latter day he was shot. Order for imprisonment contained no charge, and Commission state that they believe that he was arrested solely because he was a British subject.

"When Government troops occupied Verkhoturie on 16th October they found body outside the town ‘in a mutilated condition,' and gave it ceremonious burial.

"I hear that Bolsheviks killed two British subjects at Perm. Names unknown.”