Russia. No. 1 (1919). - 13. Sir C. Eliot to Mr. Balfour.

No. 13.

Sir C. Eliot to Mr. Balfour.( Received November 30.)

(Telegraphic) Vladivostock, November 29, 1918.

TELEGRAMS from vice-consul at Ekaterinburg state that officials are now coming to the conclusion that the Empress and her children were murdered in or near Ekaterinburg at the same time as the Emperor. Rest of evidence does not seem strong but dates may be significant. Emperor was murdered on the night of 16th July, and Grand Duke Serge, together with Princes mentioned in my telegram of 4th November,* were murdered at Alapaevsk on 18th July. It is hence supposed that murderers went from Ekaterinburg to Alapaevsk. At Alapaevsk their intention was clearly to exterminate Imperial family, and it is feared they were actuated by same motive as at Ekaterinburg. At Tobolsk the victims were driven some distance out of the town and thrown into a pit. It is supposed that something of the same kind was done at Ekaterinburg, and it is possible that Empress and her children were taken a few miles by rail, which would account for idea that they were removed elsewhere.

*see No. 9