Memorandum on Certain Aspects of the Bolshevist Movement in Russia - Document Notes

The images from which this document was scanned and edited, which appear here on another page, were supplied courtesy of Mr. Jerel Mosley, from his personal library.

Some notes:

For the electronic version of the document as it was created and edited at Christogenea,org, OpenSUSE Linux was employed using the Libre Office open source software suite. The Liberation Serif font, akin to Times New Roman, was used for the primary font, and The Microsoft Windows Arial True Type font was used for all of the quoted passages.

A series of three asterisks were used as ellipses by the original authors, and were left intact wherever they occur.

Page breaks from the original document are maintained, even when they leave sentences and words broken.

Typographical errors repaired from original:
p. 5 discrimination
p. 7 governmental
p. 16 various times.
p. 20 activities
p. 22 revolutionary
p. 23, 25 (3), 27 parliamentarianism
p. 26 overthrow
p. 27 developed
p. 29 administration
p. 37 requisitioned
p. 38 cultivate
p. 39 arbitrary
p. 42 Engels’s
p. 43 organization
p. 43 installments
p. 44 positions
p. 49 fulfillment

A few other grammatical idiosyncrasies were left undisturbed (i.e. on p. 20 near the bottom where it says "Russian has given an example..." where I would expect to see "Russia has given an example...")

Hopefully I caught at least most of the scanner / OCR shortcomings!

- William Finck