Memorandum Appendix XI. Bulletin from the Commissariat of Food Supplies.



[Petrograd Pravda, Apr. 9, 1919.)

The commissariat of supplies informs the population that in connection with the coming world-proletarian holiday of May 1 there will be issued: One-half pound of wheat bread instead of rye to the first and second categories; one-eighth pound to the third category.

One-half pound of wheat bread will be issued on labor cards, irrespective of the amount of work done, on the April 30 coupon, together with the bread that would be issued for work done April 30.

In addition, on the account of the first half of the month of May, the following products will be issued:

To first and second categories:

To third category:

Sugar, 1 pound.

Sugar, ½ pound.

Fats,1 pound.

Fish, ½ pound.

Fish, 1 pound.

Herring, 1 pound.

Herring, 2 pounds.

Salt, 1 pound.

Salt, 1 pound.


Children, pupils in schools, hospitals, asylums, and similar institutions will receive also white bread instead of black for May 1, according to the norms established.