Hauntingly Prophetic National Socialist German Leaflets

Evidently published in March of 1944 and dropped out of planes over military and population centers in Britain, these leaflets contain warnings to Allied soldiers informing them that they were actually risking their lives on behalf of Communism and Bolshevism, which would consume the world if they were victorious. Looking at the world today, we should humbly admit that Hitler was right!

The Allied invasion of Germany was executed in June of 1944. In our opinion, it was only as successful as it was because German general Hans Speidel, the officer in command of the German army on France's Atlantic coast, was already a traitor. While most high-ranking German generals went to Nuremberg, Speidel was the first German full general of the post-war West German government, oversaw the integration of the German armed forces into NATO, and eventually went on to become the Supreme Commander of the Allied NATO ground forces in Central Europe, a post which he held from April, 1957 until his retirement in September, 1963. Hans Speidel is a name which should live in infamy.

The leaflets reproduced here are courtesy of a friend in Scotland, who found them preserved among her own grandmother's belongings, and who was kind enough to scan them for publication here at Christogenea. Other copies have been published elsewhere on the Internet. Each image is linked to the full size scan.

Why die for Stalin?

In dying for Stalin your soldiers are not dying for democracy or the preservation of the democratic form of government – they are dying for the establishment of Communism and a form of Stalinist tyranny throughout the world. Furthermore, they are not dying for the preservation of the integrity of small nations (England’s old war cry) but are dying so that Poland shall be a Soviet state; so that the Baltic States shall be incorporated in the Soviet Union and so that Soviet influence shall extend from the Baltic to the Balkans.

Every British soldier who lays down his life in this war is not only a loss to his own country; he is a loss to the common cause of European civilization. Germany’s and England’s quarrel is a form of traditional rivalry. It is more in the nature of a private quarrel which Germany did not seek. The Soviet Union’s quarrel, however, is a quarrel with the WORLD. It is a quarrel with our common heritage and with all those values – moral, spiritual, cultural and material which we have, all of us – Englishman and German alike – recognised, cherished and striven to maintain. TO DIE FOR THE DESTRUCTION OF THESE VALUES IS TO DIE IN VAIN.

Stalin, with all the diabolical power of Communism behind him, is seeking to profit from Britain’s and Germany’s preoccupation. The amount of influence which Britain can exercise on Stalin can be measured by the latter’s undisputed claims to the sovereign territories of other nations. The only controlling influence left on Stalin is the strength and tenacity of the German Wehrmacht and of the European volunteers who support Germany in her fight for the survival of Europe, and its position as the cradle of our common civilization.

Every British soldier who dies for Stalin is another nail in the coffin of Britain’s hopes of maintaining a “Balance of Power” in Europe.

Should the “Equilibrium” pass to Stalin then the equilibrium of the world is at an end.


E113 / 3.44



YOU HAVE LANDED on the Continent to face the armed might of Germany – but not for the benefit of Britain!

Your country will gain ABSOLUTELY NOTHING from this struggle, no matter how well you may fight.

THE BOLSHEVISTS ALONE WILL PROFIT by your sacrifices. You have been trapped into risking your life for but one purpose – the Bolshevization of Europe!

Consider these points, and ask yourself:





Have you any clear idea of the purpose of the attempted invasion of Western Europe?

One thing is certain – the Allied casualties are and will continue to be enormous, although the amount of territory captured will be small.

The only strategic effect that the invasion could have would be to lesson the resistance of the Germans in the East.

If this plan succeeded, Bolshevism would triumph over Europe – and


E114 / 3.44

As I have said here in many podcasts and articles, Adolf Hitler's most significant shortcoming was his failure to understand the degree of control which Jews had already had over Britain and America.