German Russian Anti-Communist Propaganda Poster

This propaganda poster tells the absolute truth: that it was world jewry behind marxism and her uglier radical daughter, bolshevism.  Actually marxism and bolshevism are themselves the politcal and economic expressions of the jewish Talmud.  Today and for the past 100 years the jews have been behind the socialization of the entire west, the slow route to that same destruction which they led our Christian Russian coracialists into in 1917, and half of Europe since then. The proof is in the pages here at!

This poster is translated from Russian by a colleague:  "Red Army man! You go to 'release' people? Release first yourself from your oppressors!"  It was obviously meant as a response to the Bolsheviks' own propaganda tactics used to sway the Russian people. In spite of the media propaganda, Russia, like the west, is still under the heel of the jew.