Judaism is a Hate Crime


Dr. Wolffsohn Delivers Closlng Speech at Zioist Congress.

THE HAGUE, Aug. 21. - The close today of the eighth international Zlonist Congress, which had been in sesslon in this city since Aug. 14, was marked with great enthusiasm. All the delegates un!ted in singing the "Psalm of Hope."

Dr. David Wolffsohn of Cologne delivered the closing speech. He dwelt upon the success of the Congress, which, for the first tlme and in spite of divergence of opinion, had, he said, united in support of the idea of proceeding by political action to practical work for the dellverance of the poor Jewish people.

Dr. Wolffsohn declared that the Jewlsh people must yet conquer the world.

The New York Times

Published: August 22, 1907

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