New Book on Adolf Hitler: The Artist Within the Warlord

Carolyn Yeager appears on Sven Longshanks' Aryan Insights program at Radio Aryan to discuss her new book, The Artist Within the Warlord. In the interview she discusses Hermann Giesler and Willi Kriessmann, and of course Adolf Hitler.

Meet an Adolf Hitler you never knew in the pages of this truly extraordinary book... Wilhelm Kriessmann and Carolyn Yeager, working as a team, translated sections from the German Ein Anderer Hitler (“Another Hitler”), the memoir of architect Hermann Giesler... and the result has become this volume which they titled The Artist Within The Warlord — An Adolf Hitler You’ve Never Known This is not the usual copy-cat “history” by another “historian” who tries to find some angle to make his or her book stand out from the hundreds of other books already on the shelves about the most misunderstood man in history. This book is genuinely unique—taken from the account given by an intimate of Adolf Hitler who was privileged to enjoy many private talks with him during the time of some of the most momentous events of contemporary world history....

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