Günter Deckert Sentenced to Five Months in Prison for Translating Book

Günter Deckert, a long-time Nationalist leader in Germany and friend of Holocaust Revisionism. Günter was born at Heidelberg in 1940. His father was killed as a soldier in the war. Günter was a successful and much-respected teacher before he was forced out of that profession because of his political views. He previously served five years in a German Federal prison in the 1990's for violation of Section 130 -- a so-called "speech crime." Günter Deckert is a husband, father and grandfather.

Here in his own words is Günter Deckert's description of the reasons for his new incarceration: "My “crime” this time… I made it possible that Carlo Mattogno´s Auschwitz – The First Gassings (Italian version 1992, English version 2002) could finally be published in German, too, in 2007. "

Read the full story at Carolyn Yeager's website: http://carolynyeager.net

We at Christogenea think that it is pitiful, that German men and women are not taking to the public squares in order to defend the right to free speech in Germany.


Günter Deckert

Günter Deckert

Germany isn't a sovereign country. It was never returned to the Germans after 1945. They don't have a constitution only a pact with the USA and Britain to remain their bitch for years to come. Post war Germans are well suited to this slavery. There is no interest there in rebuilding national self-respect. It would be be nice, if you can obtain it, to post Günter's address in jail although mail to thought criminals there is often withheld as another form of punishment. Postcards from
supporters are always appreciated by political prisoners whenever they receive them.