September 2009

Hitler and Christianity

"We demand freedom of religion for all religious denominations within the state so long as they do not endanger its existence or oppose the moral senses of the Germanic race. The Party as such advocates the standpoint of a positive Christianity without binding itself confessionally to any one denomination. It combats the Jewish-materialistic spirit within and around us, and is convinced that a lasting recovery of our nation can only succeed from within on the framework: common utility precedes individual utility."

- Point 24 of the 25-point Program of the NSDAP



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These are my program notes for the "Hitler and Christianity" series being conducted by Sword Brethren and myself on his Talkshoe internet radio program. They are subject to changes and additions for as long as the series progresses. Here are the links to the audio recordings:

Opening Notes

I have heard or read all of the propaganda concerning Adolf Hitler. The jews want to make him a jew, and they have their followers. This is the easiest way to hide the truth about him from Christians. No true Christian patriot wants to examine the philosophy of a suspected jew! A lot of right-wing nuts want to make him a jew too, because they blame him for the deaths of so many Christians in Europe in the 1940's. The problem with that scenario is that first, it actually absolves those who are truly responsible for those deaths: the jews! So the right wing wing-nuts put the blame where it does not belong, and let the jews get away with History's second biggest hate crime. The pagans want to make Hitler a pagan. In reality, as we shall see, Hitler despised the pagans of his time, thought that pagansim in general was vain, and all of his writing clearly shows that he was a Christian. In fact, aside from many clear statements, Christian ideas and morals permeated the entire body of his literature. It is not a simple profession of Christ that makes one a Christian. It is rather the application of those same principles which Christ professed which makes one a Christian, and this most so-called Christians today simply do not understand.

Hitler on Original Sin

This is a part of what the jews do not want you to see, so they slander Hitler as a demon, and even go so far as to spread conspiracy theories that he was a jew or a pawn for the jews. Yet Hitler wrote many things in Mein Kampf that prove not only that he was a Bible-believing Christian, but that he also understood the nature of the “original sin” of our Adamic race. Here are but a few pieces of evidence in support of my position on this issue:

“To undermine the existence of human culture by exterminating its founders and custodians would be an execrable crime in the eyes of those who believe that the folk-idea lies at the basis of human existence. Whoever would dare to raise a profane hand against that highest image of God among His creatures would sin against the bountiful Creator of this marvel and would collaborate in the expulsion from Paradise.”
-Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf, page 216

Myths, Wartime Propaganda and the Burning of the Reichstag



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From The Barnes Review, January, 1996. I wrote them and asked to reproduce this article, and never received a reply. So here it is, at least until they do answer me. - WRF



If the burning of the German Reichstag brought the National Socialists to power in 1933, were the Nazis responsible for the arson? If not, who was?

By 1933, Germany was ripe for another revolution. The Moscow-backed communist revolutions of 1919 had been put down at awful cost. And then the Allies imposed "reparations" that stripped the country of its ability to employ its workers and feed its people, including a British-engineered blockade that resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Germans by starvation.

The worldwide depression of 1929 hit the country, still staggering under the yoke of the Treaty of Versailles, in the gut. Food was scarce. Jobs were disappearing. Those who had jobs earned money that was close to worthless.

Was Hitler a British Agent?

In 2005 Greg Hallett wrote a book, Hitler Was A British Agent, alleging that Adolf Hitler was actually an agent working for the British government. This book is highly criticized because it offers absolutely not a single of shred documentary evidence to support its allegations. Rather, the claim is based on circumstantial evidence from one Bridget Dowling, allegedly the one-time wife of Adolf Hitler's half-brother, Alois Hitler.

The Origins of World War 2

The economic background to the war is necessary for a fuller understanding, before casting judgement on the originators of these viewpoints.

At the end of the First World War, Germany was essentially tricked [see Paul Johnson A History of the Modern World (1983) p24 and H Nicholson Peacemaking 1919 (1933) pp13-16] into paying massive reparations to France and other economic competitors and former belligerent countries in terms of the so-called Treaty of Versailles, thanks to the liberal American President Woodrow Wilson. Germany was declared to be solely responsible for the war, in spite of the fact that ‘Germany did not plot a European war, did not want one, and made genuine efforts, though too belated, to avert one.’ (Professor Sydney B Fay The Origins of the World War (vol. 2 p 552)).

As a result of these massive enforced financial reparations, by 1923 the situation in Germany became desperate and inflation on an astronomical scale became the only way out for the government. Printing presses were engaged to print money around the clock. In 1921 the exchange rate was 75 marks to the dollar. By 1924 this had become about 5 trillion marks to the dollar. This virtually destroyed the German middle class (Koestler The God that Failed p 28), reducing any bank savings to a virtual zero.

The Correct and the Incorrect

Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Nobel Prizewinner and author of The Gulag Archipelago, in a speech in Washington in 1975 had this to say of the Soviet system which was deemed worthy of recognition as one of 'our' Allies fighting 'for Democracy' against the 'Dictators' in WW2:

Bolshevism in Theory and Practice



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"Lenin, the founder of the Bolshevic Revolution, stated frankly that falsehoods are not only justified but have proved to be the most effective tools in the Bolshevic struggle."

Joseph Goebbels, Nürnberg, September I936


[This document is provided to courtesy of Mr. Jerel Mosley]

My Führer! Your Excellencies! My Honourable Guests Fellow Members of the National Socialist Party!

The fact that the phenomenon of Bolshevism as represented by the theory of Marx and put into practice by the Russian Soviet State is still engaging the attention of political circles in Western Europe, as a theoretical phenomenon and a political reality which civilized people ought to take into account intellectually as well as politically, shows that there is a fatal lack of insight into the nature and essential structure of international Bolshevism. What is called Bol­shevism has nothing whatsoever to do with what we under­ stand by "ideas" and an "outlook on life" (Weltanschauung) in general. It is nothing but a pathological and criminal kind of madness, devised by Jews, as can well be proved, and led by Jews who aim at destroying the civilized nations of Europe and at founding a Jewish-international world regime that would subject all nations to their power.

Bolshevism could have had its origin only in the Jewish brain and the sterile asphalt of the metropolis alone made it possible for this thing to grow and spread. It could only be accepted by a species of mankind that had been morally and economically shattered by the war and the economic crisis

Did Hitler Want War?

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Did Hitler Want War?

Patrick J. Buchanan – September 1, 2009

On Sept. 1, 1939, 70 years ago, the German Army crossed the Polish frontier. On Sept. 3, Britain declared war.

Six years later, 50 million Christians and Jews had perished. Britain was broken and bankrupt, Germany a smoldering ruin. Europe had served as the site of the most murderous combat known to man, and civilians had suffered worse horrors than the soldiers.

By May 1945, Red Army hordes occupied all the great capitals of Central Europe: Vienna, Prague, Budapest, Berlin. A hundred million Christians were under the heel of the most barbarous tyranny in history: the Bolshevik regime of the greatest terrorist of them all, Joseph Stalin.

What cause could justify such sacrifices?

The German-Polish war had come out of a quarrel over a town the size of Ocean City, Md., in summer. Danzig, 95 percent German, had been severed from Germany at Versailles in violation of Woodrow Wilson’s principle of self-determination. Even British leaders thought Danzig should be returned.

Why did Warsaw not negotiate with Berlin, which was hinting at an offer of compensatory territory in Slovakia? Because the Poles had a war guarantee from Britain that, should Germany attack, Britain and her empire would come to Poland’s rescue.

But why would Britain hand an unsolicited war guarantee to a junta of Polish colonels, giving them the power to drag Britain into a second war with the most powerful nation in Europe?

Was Danzig worth a war? Unlike the 7 million Hong Kongese whom the British surrendered to Beijing, who didn’t want to go, the Danzigers were clamoring to return to Germany.