February 2014

The "Super-Race" of anti-semitic Germans and their pitiable victims the Jews, in 1915?

All of the lies and propaganda of the parasitical war-mongering Jews which was effective against Germans during and after the Second World War had already been tried in the First.

From The Mercury, Hobart, Australia, December 4th 1915 (with a few spelling corrections):

"According to information from Russia, the condition of the Jews in Poland is daily getting worse. Russian Poland contains a larger number of Jews than all the countries of the world together, and those six millions of Russian and Polish Jews are today the most pitiable victims of that race hatred and that race fanaticism which have been the creed of Germany and which have been too often propagated by the Jewish publicists themselves. Anti-Semitism has been rife in every country, but only in Germany has it been preached as a systematic doctrine. The same national historian, Treitschke, who was the champion of Prussian militarism, has also been the father of German anti-Semitism. And yet leading Jews like Miximilan Harden, Dernberg, and Wolff are still defending the righteous German war, and are still loyal to the Super-race."

Courtesy of our friend Otto S.