February 2011

Valkyrie: The Final Plot Against Hitler - Part 1

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This series of programs on the Valkyrie plot against Hitler are presenting material from a series of articles by Carolyn Yeager and Wilhelm Mann, which ran in The Barnes Review throughout 2009-2011. Carolyn Yeager's writings can be found at her website, http://carolynyeager.com/. She also appears on The Heretics’ Hour on Voice of Reason Broadcasting Network. Join Carolyn every Monday night from 9-10 PM Eastern U.S. time.

Operation Barbarossa - Part 5, German Generals Ruin Russia Strategy

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Operation Barbarossa - Part 4, Strategy and the Baltic Supply Routes

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February 6th, 2011

David Irving, Hitler's War

I have not read much of Irving's work, but today I perused parts of Hitler's War, which I have some excerpts from here. It seems to me that Irving displayed a very typical Anglo bias against Hitler. At least 10 times in the book he portrays Hitler's top aides as his “henchmen”, and calls the German leadership an authoritarian military dictatorship, even in contexts as early as 1940. In his introduction he also accepts the historicity of a holocaust and blames it not on Hitler, but on “a large number of Germans … many of them alive today”.