Satanic Jewish Treachery

New World Order Pledged To Jews

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The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion - Video

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Fredrick Toben - Judea Declares War on Germany


Firestorm Over Dresden


The destruction of German civilians in cities such as Dresden, Pforzheim and Hamburg constitute war crimes still awaiting justice. But even these are only small events in what is overall one of history's greatest war crimes: The destruction of Christian Germany by the United States and Great Britain - at the behest of the wicked jew.

"The Greatest Generation" was indeed the greatest generation: of whores and shills for Satan!

Harvest of Despair


How the jewish Bolsheviks starved to death millions of White Christians in the Ukraine - both before and after Stalin.

Facts are Facts: The Jews Have Killed Tens of Millions of Christians

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Adolf Hitler fought against Jewish Bolshevism, and tried to save Europe from the Communists. Great Britain, the Commonwealth nations,  and the United States all joined forces with Communist Russia against the "evil" Nazis. The entire paradigm was created by the jewish media at the behest of the jewish international banking cabal. Most Americans fell for it, and still do.

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The Enemy Within

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