A vicious looking Hitler, 12 months old(?)

Life Mag Dec 7 1936 p 24

In photo #4, another example of photo-fakery, where the head on the body is too large, the face is plainly that of a much older child than a one-year-old; obviously not of the same person. And yet, who among the newspaper's readers would see these errors? Very few, and of those, many believers: after all, 'it was in the newspapers, so it must be true!'

What can be expected from editors at the "Chicago Tribune," in a large city where such proportionately large numbers of Jews reside, and wield an even greater influence? After all, these Chicago Jews, as do many others, have money, you see, and advertisers want people to buy their goods (so they can get more of that money). What use is a newspaper to the Jews, when that paper's editors rightly promotes, if not merely correctly prints photographs, of world leaders in proper manner?