Uncle Adolf, the snowman

Maybe this Hitler is this Hitler! Who knows? Only the weather holds the answer.

Stuttgart - German prosecutors said Friday they have dropped an investigation into who built a snowman that bore an uncanny resemblance to Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler. A group opposed to right-wing activities filed a complaint at the end of January that the snowman violated German laws, which ban the reproduction of Nazi symbols or slogans.

The snowman, with a distinctive Hitler moustache and an arm raised in a Nazi salute, was built outside a pub frequented by right-wing extremists in Schorndorf, near the southern city of Stuttgart.

The case was dropped this week after police were unable to find the culprit, a spokeswoman for the Stuttgart prosecutor's office said.

"Not every likeness of Hitler is a forbidden symbol," the spokeswoman, Claudia Krauth, told the German Press Agency dpa. [So there's hope, right?]

By the time the case was dropped, the snowman had melted. [Aw, jeez, too bad!]

German authorities routinely look into complaints about the use of Nazi symbols.

Last summer, a German sculptor was subject to an investigation after he exhibited a garden gnome with its arm raised in a Nazi salute.

In 2006, a German trader who was fined 3,600 euros (4,850 dollars) for using crossed-out swastikas on buttons and T-shirts to protest far-right extremism.

The Federal Court of Justice in Karlsruhe later overturned the verdict, saying it was not a criminal offence to display symbols that are "obviously and clearly" meant to demonstrate opposition to Nazism. [OK, so if that's the way it shall be, then let's make all the "oppostion" we can!]

News24.com, Posted : Fri, 19 Feb 2010