"Triumph" Page 03

A detail / frame from the motion picture, Triumph of the Will, by Leni Riefenstahl, 1935, representing the National Socialist Party's rally at Nuremberg, from August 30th to September 3rd, 1933.

Nice view!

It has been said this Rally was made for the motion picture more than the motion picture was made from the Rally. Riefenstahl's many cameramen had to be very alert and astute to artistic variation, because most all of this motion picture was recorded in its actual activity, with no "re-plays." Great skill was needed to find a few seconds such as in this Image's moving scene, which most people, and average cameramen, would have missed. Whichever cameraman recorded this tidbit of interest must have been quite unexpectedly happy to see it included in the motion picture.

This image can be seen again in this same Mein Kampf Project's Home Page (http://mk.christogenea.org/), at Triumph of the Will, Part 1, at 8min, 40-44sec. Watch for it; it doesn't last long! If it has been since moved, use the "search" feature to find it.