Hans Goebbels: the other Goebbels

A detail from Life Magazine, May 14 1945 p 29

Hans Johann Friedrich (Fritz) Goebbels (1895-1947), a younger brother of Joseph Goebbels (1883-1945). Captured by the US Army, as seen above, he was given to the French, and died in a French internment camp on August 13,1947 of as yet unknown causes.

Not much is known of this man. In the First World War, Hans was an artilleryman; joined the NSDAP in 1929, rose to various ranks, including local propaganda leader, while also being a manager of an insurance company. Although a Catholic, he enraged his parents by marrying a Protestant (the effect upon his N.S. status being unknown). David Irving's biography of Joseph Goebbels mentions Hans only one time, and only vaguely, with some family genealogy. (Irving, Goebbels: Mastermind of the Third Reich (Parforce Ltd, London, 1996). As with his brother Konrad, Hans apparently was not exactly a Big Player in The Game over there. Yet one source suggested Hans does not look like much of a loser in this photo.

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