Gretel Braun Felegein, Eva Braun's yonger sister

Source: Photo, Walter Sanders Time & Life Pictures Getty Images; July 08, 1947,

About Sept., 1944. Margarete "Gretl" Braun (1915 - 1987) was the younger of two sisters of Eva Braun, and appearing here not as attractive as Eva. The other sister was Ilse Braun (1909–1979), one of the European amateur champions in ballroom dancing. Before the War, Ilse Braun had worked for 8 years as an assistant for, and possibly a romantic partner, a Jewish surgeon and otolaryngologist (or appropriately enough, ENT, ear, nose, and throat) Dr. Martin Levy Marx, until 1938, when Marx emigrated to the USA. Apparently protecting others' value was not one of his strengths. How this connection past Hitler’s notice can only be attributed to something.

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