Fake Hitler art, Page 4 The Fake Bridge

Source: David Irving, Focal Point, Action Report NewsLetter of July 10, 2010, Page 2, http://www.fpp.co.uk/online/p2.html; also: http://www.fpp.co.uk/docs/Irving/RadDi/2009/240409.html#fakes.

"Self Portait," on a Bridge? In England, not less?

A lengthy quote here, from Mr. Irving:

“There has been an auction of "Hitler paintings" found by a British soldier. Ho hum. The most expensive, an alleged self portrait, went for £10,000; but Hitler virtually never included human beings in his paintings. No doubt everybody is happy (except for the obligatory Auschwitz "survivor", a Mrs Wallfisch -- where DO they get these names? -- who said on BBC Television that they should all have been destroyed). [Irving also notes elsewhere in his Action Report: "Hitler never visited England, and never painted the human form."]

A website visitor, interested in acquiring some Hitler art, is now curious about my expert view, stated several days ago, that the stuff just sold was fake:

A historical document expert with the auction house thought they were real! What makes you think it was fake? I humour him with a detailed reply: "His reluctance to reveal their origin! Anyone would think Hitler's paintings were just lying around in the British (i.e., northern) zone of Germany. I have handled perhaps a score of genuine Hitler paintings and artworks, usually sold by the people, close friends, to whom Hitler had given them. They were all catalogued at one time. The doubts about these new ones' authenticity are reflected in the relatively low prices they have attracted. Real Hitler paintings of that size now go for around $30,000 or more."

This “fake Hitler self-portrait, of him sitting on a bridge in Dartmoor, sold for £10,000 [to someone dumb enough to buy it]. We [Irving] warn once again: Absent a proper chain of provenance, these items are almost worthless and should not be bought.”

A Postscript: [A reader of Irving’s Action Report named] "Peter" comments on Saturday, April 25, 2009: “OF COURSE they are fakes! The one of Hitler supposedly sitting on a bridge as a teenager is a painting of Clapper Bridge on Dartmoor in Devon [England]. Why Hitler would want to paint Clapper Bridge I do not know. Do a Google image search and compare” (with a link at the Irving site to this real bridge).

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