Eva Braun’s painting from Hitler, confirmed

Source: David Irving, Focal Point, Action Report Newsletter of August 15th, 2010, "Adolf Hitler painted it, Eva Braun owned it" (http://www.fpp.co.uk/shop/Wuest/Schneider/index.html, H_Schneider_affid_1251.jpg).

“Original letter of authentication signed by Herta Schneider: Garmisch, July 4, 1989: "I, Herta Schneider née Ostermayr, hereby confirm that the picture laid before me (water-color, in oval frame, size 27 x 23cm, depicting two red flowers and petals, si[g]ned A. Hitler 07), comes from the personal possession of Eva Braun. As Eva Braun's best female friend I received the picture from her as a gift during a visit to her house in Wasserburg Street in Munich. She herself had received it personally from the Führer. Eva Braun presented this water-color painting to me in the summer of 1940.”

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