Berlin 03

Source: Der Spiegel Online magazine, Photo Gallery: A Devastated Berlin, “Devastation of War: “Archival Discovery Reveals a Ruined Berlin”, by Solveig Grothe,,1518,693452,00.html; mostly Berliner Verlag, visited September 26th, 2010,

Berlin after the war could be a surreal place. Here, Red Army soldiers gather under shadows of tank barrels and the bombed-out Brandenburg Gate for a poetry reading... [It is] a totally unexpected image that was explained by the Russian writing on the back: Poet Yevgeny Dolmatovski recites his works. It's a cultural event, but what an event: The photo is taken on Pariser Platz, just a few days after the German surrender. The picture shows the bullet-riddled Brandenburg Gate flanked by ruins. In front, two tank barrels hover above the soldiers' heads -- as though the tanks went direct from battle to a poetry reading.

[No, this is a propaganda piece, designed to convince the gullible and ignorant of the superior intellect of the lower class asiatic mentalities of the average Soviet foot soldier.]