The Berghof, home of Adolf Hitler, Page 1

Source: David Irving, “The Berghof, the home of Adolf Hitler,”, & /Guardian021103.html.

Homes and Gardens (England), November, 1938, Cover page and text pages 193 to 195.


When David Irving published this sequence of photos on his "Focal Point website, a quibble arose from the Magazine's present-day owner, as to the "copyright"; it was resolved in a most unexpected manner, by a most unexpected person:

"Simon Waldman, a Jew no less, who owns the original magazine issue, wrote in 2003: that he was told that 'For the record, none of the photos in the article are original to the article. All were published previously in Germany and are in the public domain'... the photos were actually taken by Heinrich Hoffmann, Hitler's official publicity photographer. Homes and Gardens hadn't actually taken any photos, they had just called them in from the Nazi's press office. Some of them were taken years before the article had appeared." (Irving, at /Guardian021103.html).