Auschwitz Modern Propaganda Tricks & Ploys: How dead can they get?

A puzzling photo of beheaded corpses, claimed to be proof of German acts of barbarism committed at Auschwitz. It was later discovered that this photo was recorded a month after the war, at an anatomical institute in Danzig:

"The photo is one taken by Soviets at the Danzig Anatomical Institute after liberation of the city. Several other photos exist. [The dead] Persons were Poles who had been guillotined. Possibly the heads and bodies were transferred there by the Soviets because this was an outstanding propaganda opportunity. Danzig was the site of the [alleged] "soap experiments" and this is one of the associated photos. The Soviets rearranged the heads and bodies for subsequent photos. These photos were used at the Nuremberg Trials by the Soviet prosecution".

The official photo caption in the Israeli archive reads: "Camp inmates' severed heads and dismembered body parts, in the Anatomical Institute in Wrzeszcz [Danzig-Langfuhr]. Photographed in 1945. Note: this institute carried out experiments to produce soap from human fat. The bodies of inmates were supplied by the Stutthof camp." Or so the Jews say, ever the propagandist supreme.

"What about the many detached heads? In the latter years of the war the institute was mainly provided with the corpses of prisoners who had been guillotined, from the jails at Danzig, Elbing, and Königsberg. The heads were also removed from other torsos, and for two reasons: first, the dead bodies were thus "dehumanised" which made it mentally easier for students doing dissections. And then again, parallel to these students of general medicine, the dental students had heads to work on, which was the only part they needed. For more data on the "Danzig Soap Factory" see German Studies Review, XXI/1, pages 63 to 86."

Sources and edited text is from David Irving's Focal Point website,, at “Auschwits photo was faked, actually taken in Danzig in June 1945”.

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