Lost Treasures of Europe

This Gallery is an accumulation of photo illustrations from "Lost Treasures of Europe," edited by Henry La Farge (Pantheon Books, Washington Square, New York, 1946), 39 text pages of a descriptive list of plates (photos), and 427 monochrome photo illustrations, many of "before and after" images.

Much to the ever-lasting shame of the Caucasian race, in Europe and North America in particular, most of what is represented here had been lost by means of violence, apparently willfully perpetrated, using massive and often repeated aerial and artillery bombings during World War II.

These structures shall never be rebuilt, nor will this world ever see such often stunning architectural beauty being built again, not even by attempting to duplicate the "original." Those who designed and built them are long gone from our sight, and their architectural and construction plans are equally gone, destroyed in the same cataclysmic event as took from us the buildings themselves.

As time permits, the Contributor to this Gallery will add these photo images for the Viewers' lament. Eventually, these will all be here.


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