September 2011

Germany's Declaration of War Against the United States

Adolf Hitler declaring a war on the United States, which he did everything in his power to prevent! Yet the United States, under the part-jewish FDR, played the whore for international jewry, along with Britain her sister, and the Saxon nations proceeded to destroy one another while Satan feigns his own persecution to this very day!

Blessed are the peacemakers!

William Finck in a conversation with Carolyn Yeager

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September 17th, 2011

Carolyn Yeager is a World War Two and Holocaust (What Holocaust?) Historical Revisionist who has written extensively on topics such as the real Auschwitz, Operation Valkyrie (the plot against Hitler by German officers), and the fraud Eli Wiesel. See her websites at and

American Jews in the Bolshevik Oligarchy, from The Literary Digest, March 1919

This article, from the March 1st, 1919 edition of The Literary Digest, published by Funk & Wagnalls, is a very telling original piece which proves without doubt the Jewish hand in the Bolshevik destruction of Russia. Once one sorts through the propaganda concerning “good” Jews and “bad” Jews (the Bible tells us that all Anti-Christs are evil, without prejudice) and looks at the bare facts, this article is a treasure. Especially the quote from New York's leading liar of the decade, the Jew banker Jacob Schiff, who as it is now known actually helped to fund the Bolshevik takeover of Russia. It is little wonder, that the Bolsheviks in Russia had closed all the churches, but none of the synagogues.

Shamefully, it is true that Germany had early on lent assistance to the Bolsheviks. But that was only because Russia had joined in the unjust war against Germany, and fighting between Germany and Russia was quite fierce up until the October Revolution, even after the abdication of the Czar. In fact, Nicholas abdicated in March of 1917, and a major Russian offensive against Germany was launched in July. Therefore, it was only natural for Germany to support those who promised peace, and Lenin announced an end to the Russian war effort against Germany in early November of 1917. If the Czar had not fought against Germany, perhaps we may still have am imperial Russia, and a hundred million lives may have been spared! Oh, the treachery of the International Jew, and how easily the Aryan man is deceived!

Accompanying the article are high-resolution scans of the original images. Clicking on each image will produce the original scan, and I urge all readers to save them and to share this article with others. We again thank Mr. Jerel Mosley for providing these pages from his private library. - WRF


Jews from New York's east side, so reports from Russia have run for a long time, are playing a large part in promoting the present activities of the Bolsheviki throughout Russia. From Trotzky to the recently reported case of the director of an important Russian railroad, we have heard tales of Russian-American Jews, or at least Jews who have lived for a time in this country, now raised to power in communities where pogroms formerly testified to official, if not popular, hatred of the race. Dr. George A. Simons's recent testimony before a Senate subcommittee to the effect that "the present chaotic conditions in Russia are due in large part to the activities of Yiddish agitators from the East Side of New York City, who went to Russia immediately following the down­fall of the Czar," and that the East Side is a "hotbed of Bolshevism," summed up these reports and gave them a definiteness that brings forth protests and statements of the Jewish position from all over the country. Subsequent testimony given before the Senate subcommittee by Herman Bernstein bears out .the statement that "the great mass of the Russian Jews despise and abhor the Bolshevik system." When confronted by the printed protests of many Jews, Dr. Simons repeated his charge in an' address at the St. James M. E. Church in New York and added, according to the New York Times report, that "prominent Jews had exprest belief in the truthfulness of his testimony and had praised him for his courage." Dr. Simons further says:

"Since I gave my testimony distinguished Jews have shaken my hand and thanked me for what I said. 'We want you to know that we are out and out against Bolshevism and those connected with it,' was the way they ex­prest themselves. Only a night or so ago in Washington I sat beside a prominent rabbi who said to me: 'Dr. Simons, we un­derstand each other thoroughly.' He said distinguished Jews would take part in a movement against the Bolsheviki. I want to tell those who feel hurt with what I have said that others can give some more data. I was once a pastor on the East Side and understand the people."

Dr. Simons's statement before the Senate Committee makes an implied distinction between orthodox and “apostate” Jews. The Times thus quotes his testimony:

“I should like to make it plain that among my best friends and among the finest Americans I have known are men of Jewish blood. The unpleasant facts that I shall have to disclose in nowise refer to them. The persons that have gone into Russia and joined in this diabolical thing over there are apostate Jews, men who deny their God and who have forsaken the religion and the teachings of their fathers. I have talked over this matter with some of our leading Jewish citizens, and they fully realize the situation, and among those who are helping us to fight it are great numbers of rabbis and other splendid citizens of the Jewish faith....

The Bolsheviki - Who They Are and What They Believe

This article was originally titled  "The Bolsheviki, who they are and what they believe" and appeared in a publication  called World's Work, in October of 1918. The unnamed writer of the article, and apparently the publication itself, seemed to have Bolshevik sympathies, but by Wikipedia they are considered "a monthly magazine that covered national affairs from a pro-business point of view." Of course, Bolshevism failed miserably, living up to none of the hype offered up in this and other early writings. Marxist doctrine fails whenever it is tried, and has never succeeded anywhere. Yet the article is very informative, telling us exactly the nature of the people behind Bolshevism. Thanks again to Mr. Jerel Mosley, who provided this document from his personal library. - WRF



Nearly all the Leaders Jews from New York - How Smolny Institute, the Capitol of Russia,

Is Conducted - The Economic Doctrines of the Bolsheviki

This article is compiled from the first-hand experiences of a New York business man, whose name is withheld for obvious reasons.- THE EDITORS

THERE are three questions that constitute the puzzle of the day. They are:

Who are the Bolsheviki leaders?

What do they believe - just what is their theory of government? Is it Socialism or Anarchism or what?

Just exactly how do they administer the government?

I have just returned from Russia. I was there when the Bolsheviki came into power. I attempted to do business in Petrograd, Moscow, and Kiev for a year. First and last I have met and had dealings with most of their leaders, hundreds of their underlings, and talked to every "workman and soldier" I could. Keeping scrupulously to facts within my own observation and experience, I will attempt to answer these questions plainly and directly.