July 2011

The Lies of Otto Strasser and Douglas Reed, Part 1

As to what follows, I wish I'd have had this information for last night's (Julky 20th, 2011) discussion with Jim Condit Jr. This is why it is difficult to believe anything written about Hitler by the jews and the (their) "allies" during and after the war. For every jew writing or saying something about World War II, there is an agenda usually intending to exacerbate "holocaust" stories, demonize Hitler, make him into a hypocrite,and fully discredit his philosophies – which are what the jews truly fear about him.

Last night Condit brought up Otto Strasser - whom I admittedly do not know much about - and Douglas Reed's book about him (Nemesis? The Story of Otto Strasser published in 1940). Looking at Reed's book (see the attached file below to download it here), I would naturally not know much about it under any circumstances, since five minutes with the introduction and opening chapters displays Reed to have a strong anti-Hitler bias and a total lack of objectivity. Therefore Strasser is the ideal subject, as Reed himself admits but not in quite the same manner as I will accuse him here, by which he could write a book merely for the sake of attacking Hitler. The excerpts below are a perfect example of lies made with an agenda, passed off as legitimate "history". We will see passages both from Reed's book, and also from Mein Kampf, along with a few comments.

Hitler was NOT a Rothschild or a Zionist Agent

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Unless you want to believe the conjecture and second-guessing of Jim Condit Jr., along with the endless stream of post-war jewish fables. William Finck in a discussion with Jim Condit concerning his "Hitler was a Rothschild Agent" theory.


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Thank you and God bless!

William Finck

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