June 2011

The Enemy Within, Part 10: The Great Sedition Trials, Part 1


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From the November-December 1999 issue of The Barnes Review.

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Personal From The Editor [John Tiffany at the time]:

…Elizabeth Dilling (1894 – 1966) [was] one of the most forthright and determined American nationalist leaders of the 20th century.

A remarkably beautiful young lady with an early interest in music and languages, Elizabeth was an accomplished harpist and lived a comfortable life as the wife of a Chicago attorney and the mother of two children. She spent much time traveling abroad, and the more she did so, the more she came to love the United States. In particular, Elizabeth also came to loathe the communist system which she observed first-hand on a trip to the Soviet Union in 1931. She was appalled by what she saw, and upon her return home, she began an extensive study of the history of communism and the secret forces behind that alien, anti-American philosophy.

The Enemy Within, Part 9: Harry Dexter White


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The Enemy Within, Part 8: Harry Hopkins and Owen Lattimore

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