Hostgator the Enemy of Truth, Open Discussion and Free Speech

The NSEUROPA.ORG, NSTRIBUNA.ORG and DER-STUERMER.ORG websites which we have hosted for the past year or so were down from Thursday June 13th through Monday June 17th. Here is why:


It has come to our attention that an account under your control appears to contain content in violation of our AUP and Terms of Service as outlined at At this time, we will not be able to continue hosting the account gator777/wmfinck on our network, and it has been suspended with no eligibility for reactivation. A full cPanel backup of the account has been provided for you to download at the following location :

http :// / / cpmove-wmfinck.tar.gz

 Ford M.

Of course, there is nothing on any of those websites which actually violates any of Hostgator's terms. Rather, it is apparent to us that Hostgator is just one more Internet Service Provider to cave into Jewish pressure in the Jewish effort to suppress TRUTH in History, and an open discussion thereof.