Göring's Personal Weapon and Field Marshal's Baton

Göring's Personal Weapon and Field Marshal's Baton

Source: from a museum of Hermann Göring's wartime memorabilia in Germany.

The baton and other items seen here are purportedly to have been Göring's wartime possessions. At this time, the revolver appears to be a .38 cal. Smith & Wesson Military & Police Special, 5-round capacity with probably a 4-inch barrel. (Of the many websites perused which displayed this revolver, none identified its make, capacity or other details; perhaps a slow reader?).

This revolver and its leather holster shall be seen again in another Image, "Hitler and Göring", as found in the "The Glory of Nazi Germany" Image Gallery, in this same Mein Kampf website.

Apparently Göring never said: “When I hear the word culture, I reach for my revolver!”; and when captured, his pistol was not the gold one he was reputed to possess.

When he asked his senior American officer captors whether he should wear a pistol or his ceremonial dagger when he appeared before General Eisenhower, one officer knew Göring would never see Eisenhower, so he said, "Das ist mir ganz wurst," which literally means, "That’s goose liver bologna to me"; but it is a German slang for "I don’t give a damn." (OK, so what did he wear, anyway?).

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